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Ashram Activities

Sri Yog Vedant Seva Samitis all over the world organizes many Geeta Bhagwat Satsang, Meditation Camps all over the world for human upliftment under the guidance of his holiness Sant Sri Asharamji Bapu.

Sant Sri Asharamji Bapu is a self realsied Saint from India, whose presence is today sanctifying the land of India . The ‘Moksha Kutir’ (cottage of salvation) set up on the banks of the River Sabarmati in Amdavad in the year 1972 has today become a pilgrimage place for spiritual guidance in the name of ‘Sant Sri Asharamji Ashram’. Let us have a look at the various altruistic activities for public welfare run under the inspiring guidance of Pujya Bapuji.

‘Sant Sri Asharamji Ashram,’ with its spiritual vibrations is a promoter of Global Peace:

Over 300 Ashrams have been established at various places in the country. There are satsanga centres at Matawan, Washington (USA) Toronto ( Canada ) and other places abroad. Shri Yoga Vedanta Seva Samitis: About 1275 Seva Samitis world-wide run by the ashram are engaged in various services for the welfare of all sections of the society.

So the activities are as follows

Awakening of the masses through Satsanga Programmes:

Satsangas by Pujya Bapuji and His blessed disciples are being continuously carried on in different cities, villages and schools, whereby noble thoughts and traits are promoted in the society.

Today millions of people are getting relief from incurable diseases through the techniques of Pranayama, yogic practices and health-tips in these Satsanga-programmes. Here they are taught to lead a happy and successful life by practicing the values of dharma and the pious knowledge of Vedanta in their daily lives. Besides this, they are thaught ways to Self-realization, the highest goal of life through the combined practice of Bhaktiyoga, Karmayoga and Jnanayoga

Dhyana Yoga Shivir:

millions of people are getting their latent powers awakened through kundalini yoga, meditation and yoga in ‘Dhyana Yoga Shivirs’ organized in the company of Pujya Bapuji. They are experiencing peace and bliss by becoming free from stress and sensual depravities through meditation. Click here to know more on, Dhyan Yog Shivir


Students Upliftment Camps:

Student life is the basis of human life. To strengthen this, ‘Vidyarthi Utthan Shivirs’ are organized in the holy company of Pujya Bapuji. In this, students are imparted training in yogic practices, yogasana, meditation, etc. so that they may develop their latent powers and become devoted to their aim in life and be imbued with will-power and discrimination. These children then grow to become noble citizens of tomorrow and glorify their parents, teachers and the nation.

Widespread public service by initiated disciples:

There are crores of initiated disciples of Bapuji throughout the world who are engaged in various activities of public welfare along with their spiritual advancement.

Satsanga telecast through TV channels and cable TV:

Pujya Bapuji’s satsanga discourses are being telecast through Aastha, Aastha International, Sanskar and through city-cables.

Publication of pious literature and monthly Magazines:

354 books are published in 14 languages by the ashram. The monthly magazine ‘Rishi Prasad’ is being published in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Telugu. Kannada and English Languages while another monthly magaine ‘Darvesh Darshan’ is being published in Sindhi. The monthly news paper ‘Lok Kalyan Setu is being published in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages. More than 1.7 million copies of ‘Rishi Prasad’ are published every month.

Bal Sanskar Kendras:

More than 17,500 Bal Sanskar Kendras are engaged in the divine work of inculcating noble traits in students

Yuvadhan Suraksha Abhiyan:

Millions of copies of ‘Yuvadhan Suraksha’ (Divya – Prerana Prakash) have been distributed among students, youths and the common masses. Besides this, thousands of youth upliftment programmes have been organized so far. ‘Yuvadhan Suraksha Abhiyan’ has instilled new inspiration in the youths.

Mauna Mandir (Temple of Silence):

There are arrangements for ‘Mauna Mandir Sadhana’ in around 140 ashrams wherein the sadhakas have divine spiritual experiences by observing a vow of silence for 7 days.

Development of tribals, and people belonging to backward classes:

Besides special services such as regular free distribution of food grains and bhandaras through ‘Vanvasi Utthan Kendras’ (Tribal Upliftment Centres) in different parts of the country, distribution of food-grains, clothes, utensils note-book to children, sweets, etc. and cash distribution with bhandaras by Pujya Bapuji are being carried out on a large scale. Regular programmes of kirtan and bhandaras have become a main part of the service activities of the ashram. Millions of poor tribals, deprived and orphans have been benefited through thousands of bhandaras so far.


Service activities in orphanages:

Articles useful in daily life are distributed in orphanages.

Distribution of food-grains through ration cards:

Thousands of ration cards have been distributed by the ashram to the poor, destitute and widows, through which food grains and articles for daily use are distributed among them every month.

Ration Distribution

Distribution of buttermilk and water outlet services:

Cool butter milk and water outlets are provided at bus-stands, railway stations and public places free of cost.

Distribution of buttermilk and water

Bhajan karo, Bhojan karo, Roji pao’ – (Worship, have food and take your wages) Scheme:

Under this scheme offered by the ashram, those who have no means of or are unable to earn their livelihood are provided with the benefits of japa, kirtana and satsanga from morning till evening along with food and wages with a view to eradicating poverty and unemployment and sanctifying the atmosphere through japa and kirtana.

Bhajan-Karo- Bhojan-Paao

Free distribution of eye-drops and Vastudosha Nivarak:

Ayurvedic eye-drops and Vastudosha Nivarak (for relief from harmful planetary influences and for promoting peace and happiness) are distributed free of cost as prasada.

Relief works during natural calamities:

The ashram has always been at the top in terms of service and promptitude whenever the country had to face natural calamities. Be it the earthquake of Latur or Bhuj; the famine in Gujarat, the flood in Orissa and Gujarat or the Tsunami disaster – the ashram has rendered non-stop services at all places.


Service to Cows:

9 big Gaushalas are being run by the ashram, where thousands of cows rescued on their way to slaughter houses, are being served. Gaushalas are being run in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and other States.

De-addiction Campaigns:

Huge number of addicted people are becoming de-addicted through the ‘De-addiction campaigns run by the ashram.

Deaddiction Campaign

Vidyarthi Ujjwal Bhavishya Nirman Shivir:

These shivirs which have been started with the view to utilize the vacations of students to make them cultured, intelligent, industrious and altruistic have been highly commended by students and their guardians. In these shivirs, students are imparted excellent guidance on important aspects such as yogic science, ideal daily routine, and on how to become ideal students and secure good marks in exams.

Vidyarthi Ujjawal Bhavishya Nirmaan Shivir

Aid for poor students:

Note books, textbooks, uniforms etc. are distributed free of cost to poor, parentless and helpless children. Special note books are produced for children, which carry moral, edifying phrases, inspiring pictures and anecdotes, tips for development of memory power and keys to success.

Carpets, desks chairs etc. too are provided in rural and tribal schools.

Children Seva

Training in Yoga:

Training in meditation, Sadhna, increasing memory power, etc. are imparted by Sadhakas and Sadhikas in various schools.


Competitions for developing spiritual acumen:

The ashram had organized this nationwide competition in the years 2002 and 2003. 5,32,799 children had participated in this competition, out of which 1,89,671 competitors came out successful and 3,515 participants were given prizes. Recently in Jan'09 over 4.5 lacs of students participated in Divine Inspiration competition - a competition on book Divine Inspiration.

Sankirtan processions and prabhat pheris:

Harinam Sankirtan Yatras (processions with chanting the Lord’s Name) and prabhat pheris are organised throughout the country with a view to eradicate thought pollution and make the atmosphere pious, in the course of which sacred literatures, too are distributed.


Medical Service:

Medical treatments are provided by expert physicians at various places through acupressure, naturopathy and ayurvedic and homoepathic therapy. Besides this, free medical camps are organised in the remote areas of the country. The ashram’s mobile dispensaries provide service even in those tribal and rural areas where medical facilities are not easily available.

Medical Seva

Service in Hospitals:

Fruits, milk, medicines and sacred literatures are distributed to patients.

Hospital Seva

Barhbadshah or Pipal Badshah:

Every ashram has one Banyan or Pipal tree which has been endowed with spiritual powers by Pujya Bapuji to help people get their material needs fulfilled. It is referred to as ‘Barhbadshah or ‘Pipal Badshah’ by devotees. These places have today turned into accomplished spots for getting one’s wishes fulfilled.

Centres for Spiritual Literature:

Permanent and mobile centres which provide spiritual literature at down to earth prices are being established with a view to distribute spiritual literature throughout the country and help every section of the society including the poor to avail itself of life-elevating spiritual values at home.

Video Satsanga Centres:

The nectarine precepts of Pujya Bapuji are made available to people through video satsanga centres at various places.

Upliftment programmes for prisoners in Jails:

Free distribution of spiritual literatures and satsanga programmes are organised in 446 Jails throughout India for the upliftment of prisoners. 2,80,000 prisoners have been benefited so far. Booklets are provided to them so that they may utilize their leisure period for writing down the Lord’s name. A set of 73 books published by the ashram, and CD’s and cassettes of Pujya Bapuji’s satsanga are given to the prison libraries as well.

Satsang in Jails

Purification of the atmosphere and thoughts:

Mahamrityunjay yajnas and other such programmes are organised for this purpose.



Padyatras (processions on foot) are being taken out from time-to time for spreading moral values and awakening people against addictions. Padyatra was taken out from Jammu-Kashmir to Kanyakumari as well.

Gurudwar Bhajans

Gurudwar mera Mandir hai mera

Mere teerath chaaro dhaam

Wahan Barse Amrit Dhara

Anand Apaar mere Sadguru ke Darbaar me