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Om Hrim Om Jap 

 HariOm, Please be a part of Om Hrim Om Japa  against  false allegation by Media & Govt. on Pujya Bapuji and his Ashrams. For this we have to do more & more japa of  the mantra "Om Hrim Om" .


Light a diya of pure desi ghee, do sankalp that "this mantra jap is against  false allegation by Media & Govt. on Pujya Bapuji and his Ashrams". and then start doing japa of Mahamantra -

"Om Hrim Om" 

Download MP3 of Om Hrim Om

Chetichand Jap Yagya

On the Occasion of Chetichand, we have done sankalp of doing this mantra  from Sai Leelashahji Jayanti(22nd March) to Chetichand(27th March) for 11008 Malas, So please contribute doing Japa is these days.

If you want to contribute please email us to hariomgroup@gmail.com, motwaninaresh@yahoo.com

MahaMrityunjay Jap

HariOm, Please be a part of Akhand Mahamrityunjay Japa for our Pujya Bapuji's health and prosperity. For this we have to do japa on the night of Mahashivaratri 23rd February 2009 . Please send us your time of japa in a excel sheet . 

6.00AM IST ON 23/02/09 (23rd Feb'09)

7.00 AM IST ON 24/02/09 (24th Feb'09)

Total Time

Download Mahamrityunjay Jap Excel Sheet

 1. Every saadhak should start Jap before 05 minutes of the given time, & finish Jap after 05 minutes from the given time to ensure continuity.

2. If more saadhaks want to join the Jap, please start Jap with the specific time mentioned in the table for the specific zone.

3. Please note that you all should follow your given time mentioned above, don't break on that or change your Jap timings.

4. Please spread this divine seva opportunity among your Gurubhai/Gurubahans.

5.Please email us your details on Hari Om Group (hariomgroup@gmail.com or motwaninaresh@yahoo.com).

6. If possible, please send us sms on( 00971505258358 -Dubai.) when you finish your Jap.