Offline Seva

Every Hindu bhai and bahen from their respective area can take thousands of print outs of the pamphlets, make CDs of the videos
available and then start distributing.
We can distribute the pamphlet through rishi prasad, books, and other ashram
products. Then we can keep them in the local news papers

Cds, we can start showing in all samities and ashrams where satsangs are held so that every sadhak should know what is the real truth.
Then we can start distributing to the other sadhaks who come to the satsang
and ask them to run in their local channels.

We can hold protest rallies and sankirtan yatras and we can distribute the pamphlets there too.

>>Useful Documents for Prachaar<<

1. Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition and let your friends/relatives too sign the Petition

2. Create Blogs & Websites showing the truth !

Popular sites to create blogs are :, &

Add tags like -
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3. We can put these reports from media, anywhere we find space :

4. Embed 13 Videos Together

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5. Embedd these videos on current issue:

Youtube Videos:

Google Videos

6. View of Sant Samaaj on Attack on Asaramji Ashram

Recently news channels like IBN-7 & newspapers like Sandesh has reported that the whole of Saadhu Samaj is against Asaram Bapu & Asaram Ashram. This video is sufficient enough to expose their false propaganda. Shame on IBN-7 & Sandesh !!!

Video Link :

Please add this video in internet anywhere u find space, and raise question to IBN 7 and Sandesh ! This would be a great sewa !!

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7. Comments to editor of News Agencies who are trying to defame

New Letters sent can be read at

Sandesh Newspaper

 The Sandesh Limited,
Sandesh Bhavan, Lad Society Road, Vastrapur, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380 054. 

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Star News

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Divya Bhaskar

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News 24

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Gujarat Samachar

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