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SAURASENI MAITRA: All the heroines of Tollywood are my girlfriends! Nikhil Jain opens up about his love affair rumors with sauraseni maitra

After ending his relationship with Nusrat Jahan, Nikhil Jain has been rumored to be in love with several heroines of Tolipara. But every time he has blown all those rumors and called himself single. But, this time again in the topic of love, Nikhil (Nikhil Jain) is the opposite of the talented actress Sauraseni Maitra ... Read moreRead More

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe ‘Obsessed With Jailbreak Classic The Shawshank Redemption’, Letters Reveal

YORKSHIRE Ripper Peter Sutcliffe was obsessed with The Shawshank Redemption, unearthed letters have revealed. The serial killer is said to have read Stephen King’s jailbreak classic more than 50 times and dreamed of escaping, like his hero. 3 And in a chilling twist of fate, the book was published in 1982, just a year after ... Read moreRead More

HAMANSHU MALIK: Himanshu Malik: “Room will be arranged in Goa, have fun!” Explosive actor highlights the dark side of Bollywood – tum bin actor himanshu malik shares the darkside of bollywood he had been pushed to do affair

The movie ‘Tum Bin’ was released in 2001 with a bunch of new faces in Bollywood. This film became very popular at that time. Not only that, every song in the film was a hit. The film stars Bengali actor Priyanshu Chatterjee. Also present were two other chocolate boy heroes Rakesh Bapat and Himanshu Malik. ... Read moreRead More

Gladiator and the photo that will change your memory of the classic movie

Gladiator remains in viewers’ memories as one of the enduring classics of the 2000s. Ridley Scott managed to revitalize peplum cinema with this epic story of revenge that recovered the spectacular nature of classics set in Ancient Rome What Spartacus, The fall of the Roman Empire, Ben Huror Quo Vadis. Apart from achieving a box ... Read moreRead More

Bobby Deol: Embraced female fan, red Bobby Deol in shame! – bobby deol recalls when a female fan held him for three minutes

He is known as shy from the beginning. Bobby Deol is different from the other five stars of that time. Slightly short-spoken, introverted by nature. And this hen actor once fell into a strange situation. That’s what he said in a recent interview. Comparison with honest grandfather Bobby Deol! Hema-daughter Esha did not leaveBarely set ... Read moreRead More

“The Outlaws 2” (“The Roundup”) Becomes Fastest Movie Since “Parasite” To Surpass 3 Million Moviegoers

Ma Dong Seok and Son Seok Gu’s new movie “The Outlaws 2” (also known as “The Roundup”) shows no signs of slowing down at the box office! On May 22, just one day after surpassing 2 million viewers at an impressive rate, “The Outlaws 2” officially surpassed 3 million viewers at 11:50 a.m. KST. The ... Read moreRead More

Salman Khan- Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali, Change in Star Cast again! – zaheer iqbal and aayush sharma may walk out from salman khan kabhi eid kabhi diwali

Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali: Director Farhad Samji’s upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali’. Recently, Salman Khan’s look has come to the fore. Cine-loving people are remembering the cook named Tere with long hair, steel rods in his hand and sunglasses in his choke. In the meanwhile new whispers are being heard again. Actor Zaheer ... Read moreRead More

Titanic: the real life characters that did not appear in the James Cameron movie | Movies | nnda nnlt | FAME

The movie “titanica”, released in 1997 and directed by james cameronwas a complete success at the time, achieving millionaire collections around the world and breaking recognition records, including at the Oscars, in which they were ranked as one of the most awarded feature films with a total of 11 statuettes. MORE INFORMATION: Exactly how long ... Read moreRead More

belashuru: How much money did ‘Belashuru’ trade on the first day? Find out – rana sarkar reveals the first day box office collection of belashuru

Producer Rana Sarkar is not worried about whether the Bengali film did a good business or not. Knowing the box office collection of various films released recently, he presented it to the public. “We will live a long, long time …”, Viral Soumitra on the day of Belashuru’s releaseHowever, in the case of ‘Belashuru’, it ... Read moreRead More

dia mirza: Flight canceled, bag not matching! Dia Mirza’s target airline – actress dia mirza accuses airlines of not helping after her flight gets canceled

Actress Dia Mirza brought non-cooperation against the airline. Passengers did not receive any help from the airline after the flight was canceled on Friday. On Saturday, the actress tweeted about that bitter experience.The mother is Dia Mirza, the heroine is floating in the tide of happiness after getting little AvyaanDiya was going to Delhi. However, ... Read moreRead More