Effective  Herbal Remedies

Acharya Charaka, the most eminent scholar of Ayurveda states in Charak Sutrasthan : There is no substance in this world which does not have any medicinal properties. Every single substance can be put to use in different ways for various therapeutic purposes. We can conveniently use the substances that are quite easily available around us, but only if we learn about their uses and benefits.

Scriptures state : Generally the foods and herbs available in one’s native place are the most beneficial to that person. Cereals, fruits, water, air and herbs of that place are naturally suitable to him by birth. Whenever a person falls sick he can recover by the use of indigenous herbs (leaves, fruits, flowers), water, soil, etc. Those taking imported medicines and fruits should take due note of this fact.

For Indians, medications made from herbs of India are the most beneficial.

The medications prepared from vegetables, leaves, fruits, grains, herbs, tulsi, margosa tree, turmeric, emblic myrobalan, the holy fig tree, chebulic myrobalan, etc. which are abundantly available in India, can cure deadly diseases like cardiac disorders, diabetes and even cancer.

Indian soil, air, water, cow dung and cow's urine are highly beneficial. The benefits one can derive by using them with prudence are illustrated below:

1. Use of Tulsi leaves to make the body pure and clean:

Tulsi leaves, taken thrice daily (morning, noon and evening) makes the body purer than a number of repeated observance of ‘Chandrayana vrata’. Tulsi cleanses, sanctifies and lends virtuousness to the body, mind and intellect. If one takes 7 Tulsi leaves after the three sandhyas (at sunrise, noon and sunset) it helps keep the body healthy, the mind cheerful and the intellect sharp. It is called ‘kayastha’ as it lends stability to the body- (kaya).

2. As a neuro-muscular tonic:

Soak 7 almonds overnight in water. Peel its skin in the morning, and crush them along with 2 black pepper corns. Then make a drink (sharbat) by mixing it with the extract of 31 Tulsi leaves, 100 ml of water and candied sugar. Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. It is an excellent tonic for the body and the brain. It purifies the blood and increases haemoglobin which in turn infuses agility and freshness. This also improves eyesight. Instead of almonds one may also use 15-20 water melon seeds. American almonds are less nutritive compared to the Indian variety.

This is an extremely useful and proven remedy. If required, it can be taken twice daily. However, milk or food should be taken only after a gap of two to two and a half hours.

3. Tulsi cures cancer:

Tulsi being pungent, hot in nature and a blood purifier, eliminates all the toxins accumulated in the body, cleaning and purifying it in the process. In a good number of cases it has been observed that tulsi has provided immediate relief where the most expensive high-tech medicines have failed.

A hundred Tulsi leaves should be crushed with 3 gms of turmeric and 10 gms of honey, and administered to the patient three times a day. Crush 4 cloves and boil it in a vessel full of water till only half the water is left. Only this water should be used by the patient for drinking. Moong (green gram) should be included in the diet. This routine should be maintained for a period of six months.