Eight Most Detrimental & Prohibited Practices

A sick person and a normal person with early symptoms of sickness must at first abstain from the following 8 things:

(1) Speaking loudly (2) Travelling in Jolty vehicles (3) Excessive walking (4) A Sedentary life Style (5) Eating in spite of indigestion (6) Eating unhealthy food (7) Sleeping during the day (8) Sexual intercourse.

The diseases that arise from these forbidden practices are as follows:

(1) Speaking loudly diseases of the ear, nose, throat, brain, etc.

(2) Travelling in jolty vehicles diseases of all parts of the body.

(3) Excessive walking diseases of the lower parts of the body (below the waist).

(4) Sedentary lifestyle diseases of the middle parts of the body (stomach etc.).

(5) Eating in spite of indigestion diseases caused by undigested food.

(6) Eating unhealthy food  diseases arising out of the three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha).

(7) Sleeping during the day obesity and diseases caused by kapha.

(8) Sexual intercourse diseases caused by loss of dhatu.