Health Tips

A cheerful and blooming countenance, robust body, clean teeth, ability to work without being tired, enthusiasm, capacity to endure heat and cold, sparkling eyes, sharp vision, clean tongue, narrow waist, broad chest, no pot belly, odourless breath and sweat, sound sleep, good taste buds, formed stools which are passed smoothly, feeling fresh upon getting up in the morning, soft and pliant stomach, cool head (temperament), warm feet (non-sedentary), pink lips and nails are signs of excellent health.

He alone attains perfection in yoga and thereby rids himself of misery, who has his eating and general behaviour, efforts and actions, sleeping and waking in appropriate and right measures.”  (Gita: 6.17)

That is, only when eating, sleeping, cleanliness, rest and work etc. are all carried out within their respective limits, according to one?s capacity and the prevailing season, will the practice of yoga successfully eradicate one?s misery.

There are three basic causes of all illnesses : over indulgence in sense pleasures, incorrect or inappropriate indulgence, and complete abstention from sense-pleasures. When one indulges in sense-pleasures beyond one?s capacity or appropriate limits, it is over-indulgence. The enjoyment of sense-objects contrary to the edicts of the scriptures is incorrect indulgence and total abstention from them is denial or non-indulgence.

Mistakes committed while indulging in the pleasure of these five sense organs leads to diseases. Therefore be careful!

Food, sleep and brahmacharya are the three cornerstones of a healthy, happy and accomplished life. With the right application of these three factors, health is maintained well and it becomes useful. That is why the above factors are called the cornerstones of good health and a prosperous life.

The human body is made from food and it is again food itself that is at the root of all ailments of the body. Food is essential for all living beings. Food intake provides strength, complexion and radiance to the body.

The tendency to take unhealthy foods only for enjoying the taste or out of sheer ignorance must be curbed. The scriptures have laid down the criteria on the basis of which proper and improper actions can be judged. Those who evaluate their future plans on the touchstone of propriety before bringing them into action are considered wise; whereas those, who don?t care for propriety, are fools.

The attributes of a wise person:

F Study of the scriptures

F An intellect capable of discriminating between righteous and unrighteous (real and unreal).

F Good Memory power

F Efficiency at work

F Concentration of mind

F Consumption of only healthy foods

F Purity of speech

F Peace

F Patience

These nine virtues are found in intelligent persons. Those under the influence of Rajasic and Tamasic qualities of Nature do not possess these attributes. It is due to these Rajasic and Tamasic qualities of Nature that they fall prey to many physical and mental afflictions. The person whose intellect has become purified with the effulgence of knowledge, does not indulge in anything that provides temporary pleasure but ultimately leads to misery.