Munakka & Kismis:

Grapes dried in a particular manner become Munakka. All the beneficial qualities of grapes are available in Munakka. It is of two types      -red and black. Munakka is difficult to digest but sweet and cooling, semen-promoting, satiating, carminative, has an alleviating effect on Kapha and pitta, is beneficial to the heart and give relief in fatigue.

Kismis is yet another form of grapes. Kismis too has all the qualities of grapes. Almost all the nutrients of milk are available in Kismis. It can be used as a substitute for milk. In fact, it is more easily digestible than milk. The daily consumption of these dried grapes for a few days promotes all dhatus in the body, namely rasa, blood, semen, etc. and increases ojas. It is especially useful in old age. Not only does it safeguard health but it also provides longevity. The carbohydrates present in dried grapes are easily assimilated by the body and provide instant energy and agility.

Some healthful uses of Kismis and Munakka:

Debility: If the body becomes frail and weak due to excessive work, malnutrition, old age or some major illness, Kismis are very useful to get quick relief. Soak 10 to 12 grams of dried grapes in 200 ml of water overnight. In the morning, simmer it on a low flame. When the water is reduced to half, crush the grapes and sieve it. Take the concoction with an equal quantity of milk twice a day. It will give quick relief and provide strength to the body.

Anaemia: Munakka contains in abundance all the vitamins and iron the body needs. Soak 10 to 15 grams of black Munakka in one cup of water. Mix a little limejuice with it. Chew the Munakka after 4 to 5 hours. It helps in Anaemia and increases haemoglobin. 

Acidity: Kismis are sweet, unctuous, cooling and thus help alleviate pitta. A sherbet prepared from Kismis soaked in water and taken in the morning and evening, pacifies the pitta. It is also carminative and helps in the easy passage of stool. This gives quick relief in acidity. This sherbet is also useful in disorders of the blood caused by an aggravated pitta, inflammation and chronic fevers. Add cow?s milk and ghee to your diet while you are taking this treatment.

Constipation: Malic acid present in Kismis helps in the easy passage of the stool. Take 25 to 30 grams of Kismis and one Anjir. Soak them in 250 ml of water overnight. Crush them thoroughly in the morning and sieve. Mix with it the juice of one lemon and 2 teaspoonfuls of honey then drink it slowly. Constipation will be alleviated in just a few days.

Relief from addiction to liquor: When you feel like having a drink, chew 10 to 12 grams of Kismis instead or drink sherbet prepared from Kismis. Liquor depresses the neurons, but Kismis nourishes them; whereupon one feels a new zeal, strength and cheerfulness. Regular use of dried grapes in the above manner for a few days helps one get rid of addiction to liquor.