Negative Thinking: The Cause of Ruin

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

Once while roaming around, a person reached a serene and scenic region in the Himalayas. The atmosphere there was simply celestial. The story has it that there was a Kalpa-Vriksha. As the man felt tired, he lay down under the Kalpa-Vriksha to take rest.

A thought flashed through his mind as to how nice that would have been had he got something to eat and drink. The moment he thought so, delicious foods and drinks appeared on the spot. He savoured the delicacies. Then he felt sleepy and fancied having a bed to lie on. And a bed appeared as well. After some time the cold weather of that place disturbed his sleep and he wished for a blanket. Then and there he got a blanket as well. He was very puzzled as to how it was that all his wishes were being instantly fulfilled.

He was not aware that he was sitting under a Kalpa-Vriksha. A doubt cropped up in his mind that a demon might be providing him with all those things. Plagued by suspicion and fear, he wondered as to what would happen if the demon came and devoured him. And lo! A demon came there and gobbled him up. Inspite of sitting under a Kalpa-Vriksha, that man met with an untimely death purely due to his own negative thinking.

This story may be a fiction; nevertheless it is verily true, As one thinks, so he becomes. If we think of other?s good virtues, sooner or later we would develop those virtues. And if we contemplate on other?s vices, we would end up with those very same vices in ourselves. Therefore, we must refrain from finding faults with others.