Renunciation: The Best Way To Eternal Peace

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

The end result of sense-enjoyments is sorrow ?the sorrow of distress, the sorrow of remembrance, the sorrow of the consequences of enjoyments ?it is nothing but sorrow interrupted by a semblance of happiness at intervals. Conversely, on the path of divine bliss, there is a little difficulty in the beginning, but it is destined to culminate into bliss. It will be bliss here as well as in the afterlife.

Fulfilment of desires leads to restlessness, weakness, stupor and dependence here and suffering in the other world after death. On the other hand, eradication of desires leads to freedom, strength, happiness, magnanimity and Self-Bliss. One who seeks sense pleasures can never be magnanimous. Magnanimity comes naturally to an enlightened one, to an ascetic. How can there be magnanimity without renunciation? Magnanimity and charity are directly proportionate to renunciation.

Renunciation leads to an everlasting peace, while amassing material objects causes restlessness. Therefore renounce all desires and joys. One should renounce not only one?s attachment to material objects, but also one?s identification with the body. Take it for granted that mind, senses and intellect ?all belong to Nature. So renounce them all --- Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu