Science Understands the Power of Mantra

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

Nanakji has put it so beautifully,

'Chanting of the Lord's name makes one fearless and sinless. Anyone who does Japa regularly is sure to succeed in all endeavours.'

The Lord's name and mantra-japa are very powerful. Even scientists have now accepted this fact. When Taradevi, a famous singer of Bengal, played some classical notes on her musical instrument while rhythmically chanting verses from the Vedas, some decent forms appeared in the sand! When she sang Raga Bhairav in perfect harmony, with her eyes concentrated on the sand, first the form of a dog appeared and later it was transformed into the form of Bhairav a tutelary deity of Tantriks.

Even people in foreign countries are surprised to learn that words have such a natural and scientific relationship with figures. Now Dr. Liver Lizeria, Watts Haque, Madam Longo along with some other scientists have come to accept that uttering Hrim, Hari, Aum and other such words has a potent and positive effect on various parts of the body. After an extensive study that spanned over 17 years, they have found that when Hari is pronounced in combination with Aum i.e. 'Hari Aum', it has a beneficial impact on all five sense organs. It was also discovered that even childless couples can have children with the help of mantras. But our ancient Rishis had documented in the scriptures far more extensive information on this subject tens of thousands of years ago.

Chanting of the Lord's name has a beneficial impact not only on the gross body, but also on all the five sheaths of the body (food-made, that is the physical body, vital or the life force, mind, intellect and bliss) along with all the Nadis and seven Chakras.

Regular practice of japa improves immunity, intellect, intuition, memory and valour. Saraswatya mantra, named after the goddess of learning Maa Saraswati, makes the intellect sharper and enhances memory. During summer vacation, or for that matter during any vacation, children should make use of the opportunity to do an Anushthana (a specified number of Japa at fixed timings for a stipulated period) of Saraswatya mantra and gain maximum benefits.

In the olden days the Gurukul system, apart from imparting lessons on worldly knowledge to students, had in its curriculum some well-devised techniques to awaken their latent powers. That is why the student of a Gurukul never had to run from pillar to post in search of a job. For he would be successful in whatever endeavour he tried his hands at. Today so many young people are seen making rounds at different recruitment boards and job agencies with their degrees and certificates in hand, but they are unable to get a job. And even after getting a job there is no respite at all, for then they are constantly concerned about their promotions, transfers or lay-offs.

If the students of the present era come to realize this reality and take refuge in the holy feet of an Enlightened Saint, they too can awaken their latent powers even today. Not only will they be able to improve their own life, but they will also become instrumental in uplifting the lives of many others.