Serve the Living Sadguru

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

One of the most foolish mistakes, often committed by people, is that they do not take the advantage from the living Sadguru. And when the Sadguru or the adored one is no more, They erect temples and establish Ashrams in His honour. It is the born duty of the human beings to take the tutelage of a living Sadguru and follow his precepts for attaining the supreme goal of emancipation.

When Jesus was alive, people pelted stones at him and then crucified him too. When Socrates was alive, people gave him poison. When Lord Rama's Guru, Vashishthaji, used to pass through the market place, people would pass derogatory remarks against him. Vashishthaji, would say, “O Ramaji! When I pass through the market, I know what the stupid fools are saying on my back. But by nature I am compassionate and therefore I forgive them.”

When Lilashah Bapuji was alive, only a hundred or two people would assemble to listen to his satsang at his Adipur Ashram. But today, after he has passed away, thousands of people sing his praises. When Guru Nanak was alive, his disciples had a difficult time getting even a decent meal and today temples costing millions are erected in his name and 'Prasada', is served to multitudes.

Guru Gorakhnath has aptly said, "Gorakh! Jagta Nar Saviye."

'Gorakh says one should serve the Enlightened Saints in their lifetime.'

Blessed are those who, under the guidance of living Saints, tread on the exalted path of 'seva' and 'sadhana' in a steadfast manner.