Sound Mind in a Healthy Body

Man is the most evolved creature in Nature. With discrimination and proper use of the intellect man not only can attain the temporal pleasures but he can also attain the Transcendental Eternal bliss, which cannot be attained even by gods. Good physical health is essential to attain the four prime objectives of human life -righteousness, wealth, fulfilment of desires and salvation.

Nature intrinsically strives to keep everyone healthy and free from diseases. People today have either forgotten or just do not know how simple and natural it is to stay healthy. We can protect our health with minimal efforts if we take a little care and follow simple rules of rectitude and restraint.


The third chapter of ?Brihad Vagbhatta? which contains the crucial sutras, describes the importance of Anjan  thus, ?Anjan being beneficial to eyes, should be used regularly. It makes the eyes beautiful and improves the vision too.?

Anjan or Surma is best when it is prepared at home by pulverizing it in a mortar, with bhavna of lime juice and Bhringaraj added thereto (Adding bhavna means mixing a medicinal substance with a medicinal liquid by stirring them together until the mixture dries up). It is an elixir for the eyes.

It should not be applied after meals, after staying awake at night, after travelling or when suffering from fever. One must remember these points while using Surma to get the best results. It helps improve the vision, maintain the same even in old age and prevents cataract as well. Power of vision is a vital part of one?s life. If it is lost or weakened, one?s life is literally in the dark.

Sri Charakacharya has described its benefits, ?Just as gold becomes pure when it is cleansed with oil and a piece of cloth, similarly, with the application of Anjan the vision becomes clear and it shines like the moon in the clear sky.?