The Boon of Self-realization

No one in this world, be that person a scholar, doctor or a person of authority, can alleviate all the sufferings of an individual forever.

A doctor can alleviate physical ailments but is unable to deal with mental afflictions. A psychiatrist can help in mental disorders but is unable to tackle physical ailments. Morever, neither of them can relieve the pain of birth and death. But Self-realization, as such, removes all afflictions forever.

If you are dejected, sorrowful or grumble, your life force diminishes. Your loved ones will become estranged from you. But, when you remain cheerful, even strangers become friendly towards you.

It is rightly said, ‘The world laughs with one who laughs; nobody is interested in one who weeps.’

Cheerfulness of the chitta (Mind) is possible only through Self-realization. One, who has attained Self-realization, is forever free from the sorrows of birth and death, old age and sickness, for he considers that bodily afflictions like old age and sickness do not affect his True Self. Those who have the opportunity to imbibe the satsang of  (Self-realization) are truly blessed. A person who regularly listens to satsang becomes elevated to a much higher state of mind than someone who earns millions. Many millionaires are languishing in hospitals in the U.S.A. They have no peace of mind, no happiness in life.

Therefore, the first principle is to be cheerful.

The second is to accept that God is our own, 'God is mine and I belong to Him.' The virtues earned by such a belief far outweigh those attained through fasting and penance. Bathing in the Ganges or performing Hom-havan (Fire sacrifices) is external (physical) sadhana. But one considers, “God is mine” in the mind. Therefore it is internal (mental) sadhana.

The third principle is smaran (Remembrance) and doing japa. Occasionally, one should confine oneself to a room and do japa of God’s name of one’s liking or the Guru-mantra.

What if one has no Guru…?

The life of those without a Guru is as futile as the ornamentation of a widow.

Even though they perform severe penance, vrata (A religious vow) and fasting, they fail to attain bliss and realize the spiritual heights that are easily experienced by the beloved disciples of a Guru. When one worships the Guru or the Lord, converses with Him and looks at His image with a fixed gaze without blinking, one experiences bliss. The heart becomes filled with bliss and one gets inspiration when one does japa while looking at the photo of the Guru. This increases one's inner happiness and contentment which in turn augments one's spiritual powers. Then worldly comforts follow you like a pet dog. Whether you make use of them, disregard them or distribute them is purely a matter of your own choice.

It is but natural that spiritual progress brings about material advancement.

Therefore being cheerful, believing that God is our own and that we belong to God, and doing smaran of the divine name along with constant japa, kirtan (Devotional songs), etc. purify the mind and the body, sharpens the intellect and finally leads to the realization of the True Self. And once having attained Self-realization, you will be saved from the sufferings of taking birth in 84 lacs of species.