Guru’s Message 

The Brave Dare the Path of Devotion

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)


One has to sacrifice his individual self in order to attain God. The Gopis offered themselves as a sacrifice to the Lord and poured their hearts out before the Lord in the form of tears; only then could they attain the Lord. People, who are worried about their public image, are but doomed to remain deprived of God realization. They are more concerned with people than the Lord. They are trying to dec3eive the Lord. If you want to attain God, you have to turn your back on both public praise and condemnation.

When Swami Rama Tirtha went to America, people back home indulged in a lot of mud-slinging, heaping all sorts of slander on him. When he came back to India, one of his disciples narrated to him in detail all that had happened. Swami Rama Tirtha said nothing and simply picking up his staff offered it to the disciple. The disciple said, “It is your staff; kindly keep it with you. I have my own staff with me.”

Swamiji took the staff back and said, “I have my reason and my intellect with me. Let people keep their remarks, praise and condemnation with them. I have nothing to do with them. Whether people me a fool or fallen one or slander me in any other manner, I simply don’t care, for I know I am the Atman. Nothing can touch me. I am unsullied and non-attached. Whether people speak sweet or bitter words about me it makes no difference to me.”

If you stop being a yes-man to people and start your journey on the path of God-realization, you will remain unafraid even if people insult you, oppose you or call you a fool or a degenerate. Look at the God-realized saints. How fearless they are!

         Even in the face of being opposed by the whole world, they don’t lose their steadfast faith in their Real Self. They will say, ‘Come what may, it will affect only the five elements of the Nature; and in any case, they are undergoing constant change. Why should it bother me? I am only a witness thereof, omnipresent and eternal. Nothing in the world can cause even the slightest damage to the fort of my Supreme State.’

What fearlessness!

Hence, don’t bother about pleasing people. It is any way impossible to please everybody. Just take care of the Lord dwelling in your hear. Always be cheerful. Don’t care for the world even if it is reduced to ashes. Take care of your hear; keep it ever peaceful. Once you attain unity with the Lord, you automatically get Self-repose. And is there any objective higher than Self-repose in human life? Verily, to realize the Self Supreme is the ultimate purushartha of life.

Resolve within, ‘I will not grieve or feel dejected, if anybody opposes me. To be sorrowful, one needs a deluded mind. A dashiki’s mind is always engrossed in the Lord. Even if somebody neglects, I will not be distressed. I will remain so calm and composed that any amount of effort to agitate me will fail.

 Om ….Om….Om….