The Worship of OM

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

After the grand conclusion of the Supreme Festival of Guru Purnima, Pujyashree spent some time in the salubrious solitude of Ahmedabad Ashram. In the spiritually charged environment of the Ashram aspirants are engaged in japa, sadhana and Anushthana. Brahmanishtha Pujya Bapuji addressed these aspirants in His spontaneous style:

The power of OM is phenomenal. All the words in the world are "Ahat", i.e. they are produced by striking (of two objects). OM is "Anahat", i.e. it is not produced by striking, it is an unstruck sound. Just as a bridge connects the two banks of a river or a chasm, pious OM connects the jiva to the Supreme Self.

The mind becomes absorbed in the unmanifest Supreme Self by chanting OM just once. There have been instances where OM is naturally formed in vegetables grown by those who do regular japa of OM or chant "Hari OM”. When the brinjals grown in the "Mahila Utthan Ashram" at Chhindwara (M.P.) were cut, the form of OM was found inscribed in them. The women devotees of the Ashram had watered the brinjal plants chanting "Hari OM".

In the satsang programme at Chandigarh, aspirants collectively chanted OM OM Hari OM and consequently the form of OM began to appear on the rotis being prepared nearby for them. Women devotees, who chant Hari OM while preparing rotis at home have also found OM being formed on their rotis, because OM is "Anahat" (unstruck) sound. Some Russian scientists who carried out some experiments on the prowess of OM were extremely surprised with the results. Volunteers were asked to utter one word or letter and think of another word or letter. Both words/letters, spoken and thought of, were recorded on a machine specially designed for the purpose. For example if "Tom" was spoken and "Dick" was thought of, both "Tom" and "Dick" were recorded by the machine. If one did not speak anything but merely thought of a word, then that word would also be recorded.

But OM was an exception. When OM was spoken and some other word was thought of, both the spoken and thought words were recorded as OM or if one thought of OM and spoke some other word, even then both the spoken and thought words were recorded as OM.

The worship of OM bestows great powers. Do 12,000 japa of OM everyday (i.e. 115 malas; 115 x 108=12000 approx.). Do 10 Pranayamas before the japa. Observe silence as much as possible. Refrain from evil doings. The meal you take should be rightfully yours and Sattvic in nature. Skip yourself from lies and deceits. Japa should be done for the sake of God-realization alone.

If you do 12,000 japa of OM everyday, with a resolve to totally annihilate your desires, for 12 months, you are bound to experience self-satisfaction and attain great power. You may even realize God. If your yearning for God-realization is intense enough, you can achieve this goal in 6 months or even 3 months.

Today exploitation of Indians has reached an alarming proportion. Japa and Kirtana of OM therefore has become all the more imperative, so that Indians become strong and capable of defending their rights. The prevailing condition demands the chanting and japa of the invigorating OM OM Bliss, OM OM Courage, OM OM Good Health. This japa will provide great benefits instantly.

OM is the first sound of Creation. A newborn child, born to the parents belonging to any and every religion, cries "unwa" "unwa" a sound similar to that of OM.

The first sacred treatise of the Sikhs is "Japuji Sahib". Its first stanza begins with -'OM' is One, the name of the Truth

There is an excellent mantra in "Kathopanishada". Even listening to a recital of this mantra bestows great merits. The mantra is,

sarve ved yatpadam mananti

tapnsi sarv'i cha yadvadanti;

yadichchhanto brahmacharyam charanti

tattepadam sangrahe'a bravimyomityetat.

"I tell you in brief about the Supreme Spiritual state that all Vedas endeavour to describe, which is sought to be achieved through all austerities and penances, and for the attainment of which aspirants observe Brahmacharya; that Supreme state is OM. (Kathopanishad, Chapter 1: Valli 2, verse 15)

OM is indicative of the Supreme Being -Sachchidananda, the Cause of Manifestation, sustenance and annihilation of the Creation.

OM is the quintessence of all mantras. All the Vedas, all pious deeds, all spiritual practices, all business ventures, all marriages and all rituals begin with the chanting of OM.

Just as the earth is the mainstay of all trees, water and all aquatic, terrestrial and ethereal creatures; similarly the Supreme Lord is the sole support of the entire creation and is represented by OM.

One can never sufficiently extol the true grandeur of OM. Japa of OM has a salutary effect on the body-cells, nervous system and blood. Japa of OM promotes health and produces energy capable of destroying sins. Japa of OM enhances will-power, intellectual power as well as the Self-power (Spiritual power). The more love and faith you put into the japa of OM the greater divine bliss you will experience.

Whether an aspirant seeks the holy darshan of God having a form or to realize Him in His formless existence, whether he aspires for worldly powers or spiritual powers, japa of OM and meditation on it are the most powerful means available to him.

The Mundaka Upanishada says,

"It is OM that pervades the past, present and the future, and is the substratum of everything beyond them."

Only by transcending time and space, in other words, by becoming infinite, can the inherent transience be destroyed, not otherwise. Not only the infinite, but even the changeless and indestructible Existence, which is beyond the realms of declension (to, from, etc.), number (viz. singular/plural) or gender (male/female), is OM itself.

The grandeur of OM can never be described fully. The worship, japa, meditation and reflection on the meaning of OM, are all extremely beneficial. Regular meditation on OM purifies the intellect and one is liberated from sorrows. OM purifies the mind. Through japa of OM, one can achieve fulfilment of worldly desires, have darshana of deities, attain spiritual consciousness and even realize Brahman. The sadhana of OM bestows an aspirant with energy, capability and divinity. It is a simple and excellent practice for material and spiritual progress. One who has reverential love to God and His devotees, and refrains from evil deeds is endowed with quick progress.

OM, chanted with "Hari" ("Hari OM"), has a positive effect on all the five sense organs, imbuing them with purity. Chant "Hari OM" just 7 times and it creates vibrations in the "Mooladhara Chakra". It also destroys harmful pathogens.

Householders and women should not chant OM by itself (without other syllables) beyond a limit; rather, it should be chanted along with Hari, Rama, Krishna or any other desired name of God.