Tips  to remember while drinking water

It is useful to drink water before going for evacuation of bowels.

Before going to bed, rinse and wash the mouth and then take some water. This induces a sound sleep. One suffering from ailments of the head, nose or throat should not drink too much water before going to bed.

It is beneficial to take water only one to two hours after a meal for it helps prevent the loss of nutrients during the digestive process and thereby strengthens the body.

Sports, exercise and other strenuous tasks dehydrate the body. Therefore, one should drink water before and after undertaking some strenuous activity. It is advisable to take about half an hour rest before drinking water, after such activity.

One must drink plenty of water in the summer to avoid indigestion and other ailments of the stomach.

During a fast, the organs of the digestive system are free from their routine task of digesting food and it is when they start removing the extremely harmful toxins of the body. Therefore, lukewarm water should be drunk during a fast so that the accumulated toxins are easily eliminated from the body.

Liquids of all kinds should be drunk only after blocking the right nostril. Liquids drunk with the right nostril open, has a deleterious effect on our life-force.

When Not to Drink Water?

Do not drink water immediately after a meal (particularly when you have taken ghee, oil, butter, fruits, fried and hot foods or a very cold food item), when you are very hungry, immediately after evacuating the bowels, immediately before or after urination, coming in from a hot climate, when you are perspiring and immediately after playing outdoor games or undertaking heavy exercise; otherwise you may catch a cold or suffer from other problems.