The Divine ‘chintamani’ Mantra


Shriharsha, a great poet, is the writer of one of the five epics in Sanskrit, the Naishedha’.


Shriharsha’s father, Shriheera, was the chief royal priest of  King Vijaya Chandra and his successor King Jaya Chandra of Kannauj. He was greatly honored in the royal court  for his erudition.. But, his son was dull and so he was worried. He took Shriharsha to an accomplished saint – Sri Chintamani Swami. The young boy, Shriharsha, served the saint with great diligence and care. Pleased with his service the saint wrote the Chintamani Mantra on his tongue with his pious hand. This awakened the boy’s faculty of intellect and also endowed him with a fine retentive memory.


Once, some scholar defeated Shriheera in a scriptural debate in the royal court. Abused by the defeat, he gave up his mortal body, but at the time of death he said to Shriharsha, “O Son! If you are a worthy son, you must humble this man who has deceitfully defeated me; and thus bring peace to my distressed soul.”


Shriharsha took a vow to obey his father’s command. Later, inspired by his Guru – Sri Chintamani Swami, he performed an anushthana of the ‘Chintamani’ mantra for one year and perfected it thereby attaining knowledge and learning of such a high order that other scholars were quite unable to understand his views. He again worshipped Ma Saraswati and when the goddess appeared, he said, “O Mother! The boon of erudition granted by you has proved to be defective in that no scholar is able to understand my statements.”


Ma Saraswati said, “Dear son! At midnight, cover your head with a wet cloth and drink buttermilk. This will aggravate Kapha and consequently your intellect will become dull to some extent. Then other scholars will be able to understand what you say.”


Shriharsha did as directed, whereupon other scholars were able to understand what he said. Thereafter he defeated the scholar who had defeated his father in a scriptural debate and thus fulfilled his father’s wish. He also wrote many all-time great works such as the ‘Khandannakhandakhdya’ etc. Ma Saraswati had given this mantra as a boon to King Nala as well.


The ‘Chintamani’ mantra and yantra that Shriharsha had worshipped and perfected are given below:


The Mantra


ॐ ह्रीं ॐ

Om Hrim Om


In this, hrim is the chintamani Beeja. The Beeja Mantra carries the mystery and hidden power of mantra. It is marked by it primal sound.


The Yantra


The method of writing the yantra on the tongue: Half an hour after the birth of the child and before the jaatkarma, write the above given yantra on the child’s tongue with blunt gold needle, using cow’s ghee and honey mixed in unequal proportions and utter Chintamani mantra in his ears in a sweet tone.


|| ||