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SEVA (Selfless Service)

Selfless service is the fragrant flower of altruistic love. It is not to be performed for the satisfaction of the person rendering the service or the person at whose bidding it is so done. Service is the highest spiritual exercise (sadhana), for God Himself takes human form and comes down to serve mankind and lead it to the ideals it has ignored. Therefore, consider how delighted God will be when man serves man! Deserve the grace of God by helping the weak and the poor, the diseased and the disabled, the distressed and the downtrodden.  

Every human being is a manifestation of the God. Every object manifests the Divine. Service can instill, more intensely than any other activity, the sense of the basic one. Gita says –"Whatever be the work we do, we should do it as an offering to God and for his pleasure." Hence, man should regard selfless service as the very purpose for his life. This feeling should flow through his every nerve and bloodstream and permeate every cell of his body.

There are lots of seva we can do, these have been broadly classified into two- Online Seva & Offline Seva:

 Online Seva


·         Online Prachaar Seva: Today is a era of social networking websites, we need volunteers to do prachaar of Pujya Bapuji’s Message on online media using social networking websites like blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube etc. [More]

·         Hindi/English Typing Seva:  Need volunteers who are interested to take this seva of digitization of ashram books, videos, audios  & bhajans and putting online on our website. We need sadhaks who can type in Hindi or English. [More]

·         Graphics Seva: Need Volunteers who are good at designing pictures suited for banners, wallpapers, greetings etc. Photoshop/Corel Draw skills can be used in this seva. [More]

·         Flash and macromedia related add-ons: Few of the things we can suggest to sadhaks who are expert in Flash or multi-media related technologies. 1. Trikaal Sandhya Room 2. Guruji's Virtual Aarti 3. Yogasanas and their various postures 4. Balsanskar - Story telling in animation form 5. Virtual Ashram and Maun mandirs 6. Balsanskar- Language teachings (Alphabets, Numbers etc. ) 7. Various Ashram activities in Flash movie 8. Prachar related clippings ( New CDs, books related) [More]

·         Translation Seva: Volunteers who are well versed in English, can help us in translating hindi content from  like Ashram Books, magazines etc to English. [More]

·         Proof Reading Seva : We have typed some content on web, and shall be typing more, volunteers are required to proof read them. And if well versed in English , help us in proof reading translation done from Hindi to English. [More]

·         Website Tools (Apps): Need volunteers who know web languages like .NET, PHP, JS, jquery, html,  and have worked on CMS like DNN, Joomla, Wordpress  , to help us in maintaining web-content, and resolve technical issues. [More]

·         Webpage template Design : Our website need a new look and new home. We need volunteers who are willing to design customized beautiful template for our website and that can be upload to our new server. [More]

·         Content Provider Seva : Need voluteers who can collect content for a said topic from various sources like Rishi Prasad/ Ashram Books/ Pujya Bapuji's Satsang/ Shri Sureshanandji's Satsang / Shastras etc. [More]

·         Website Testers: Volunteers are required that would make sure that all functionality in websites is working fine, find spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, broken links/links that point to unexpected results, etc. [More]

·         Video Seva : Need to split videos on some topic and upload on youtube. Think of non-sadhaks as your target audience, and search for appropriate videos that would support our cause. [More]

·         Making English Subtitle Videos: Need volunteers who can work with with our video team, for adding subtitles in Pujya Bapuji's Videos. [More]

·         Mobile Ringtones and Mobile wallpapers: Need sadhak experts who can create kirtan ring tones or bhajan ring tones for our cell phones. We also need Bapuji's cell phone wall papers, and need instructions on how to upload on to our cell phones. [More]

·         Assistant Housekeeper for Forums: Need volunteers to help us keep an eye on the forums anywhere on the web. Send us an email if you find inappropriate content or behavior. Also, let us know if you find exceptionally good content or behavior, if someone is doing really well, or if someone needs a helping hand. Encourage people to blog, if we find exceptionally good writers. [More]

·         Sadhaks Sharing Platform: Anything related to Pujya Bapuji you want to share, can be shared by emailing us. Like Anubhavs, books, wallpapers, photos, mp3s, ideas, anything. We shall try to upload your info or implement ideas if it suits our aim of spreading Bapuji's Message. [More]

  Kindly Register yourselves by filling up following form, to get involved in online seva.

Prachaar Seva


Sahitya Seva

Subscribe your friends, dear ones for valuable books for free.

Free Yuvadhan Seva

Free Rishi Prasad Sample Seva

Offline Seva


DARIDRANARAYAN is one of the millions of names by which humanity knows the unnamed and unfathomable God, who is unnamable and unfathomable by human understanding, and it means God of the poor, God appearing in the hearts of the poor. Therefore, Daridranarayan seva, seva of the poor, hungry, destitute, is the worship of Sri Narayan himself. Swami Vivekananda said that we should help the needy, but never should be swollen with pride neither should ever claim of doing the same, instead we should we thankful to the lord that we have been given the opportunity to serve him.  

Our Satgurudev Pujya "Asaramji Bapu" stresses a lot for this great seva and he himself visits slums regularly and gratifies the destitute with his pious words (satsang), food grains, blankets, clothes, utensils, medicines and so on.  

According to our shastras and Swami Vivekananda- how rich we may be, but we have rights only over that which avail us with two pairs of clothes and two meals a day. Rest belongs to others whom we have exploited. So, it's our duty to serve the poor.

All ashrams and samitis organize Daridranarayan seva programs with the blessings of Bapuji. To become a part of this great job doesn't mandate the financial help, because physical seva of visiting the slums and organizing the seva activities is also a great seva indeed.


Pujya Sri Asaram ji bapu says that "when Sri Krishna did not leave the topic of health in the battlefield, then how can I leave the topic in my satsang". Therefore bapuji's satsang includes extracts from ayurved and different mantras which exhibits miraculous effect upon our health, heart and mind.  

Qualified & experienced doctors provide Ayurvedic treatment & medicines to patients in the main Ashrams. Patients are treated for common to chronic diseases like allergies, cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, heart ailments etc. The doctors recommend naturopathy treatment through Yoga-Asanas, Pranayamas and meditation.

We can also join the great mission of making everyone healthy by sparing time for medical camps in the villages/ashrams, packing the Ayurvedic medicines and so on.

15-16th of every month medical camp is organized in Sant sri Asaramji Bapu Ashram, Shamshabad, Hyderabad.  


Narayan means the one who resides in all nar (man) and nari (woman) irrespective of all character, thought and deed. Situations, circumstances, might have compelled the prisoners to commit a crime, but still the same God, who is propelling our life, resides in their hearts too. Sri Hari means the one who purges our soul of all sins and evil deeds and makes us pious. Inmates of jail can cleanse themselves from their sins and past impressions, and start life afresh with the help of the holy name "hari om" and Satsang. Organizing satsang in jail is a lead step towards harmony in the society. We can arrange weekly/ biweekly/ monthly satsang (with viedio CDs of Bapuji's satsang) followed by bhajan and kirtan in jail, which would categorically give an experience of compassion and unconditional love to the inmates. Many devotees in different samitis are already organizing such seva activities, and have been able to build a positive attitude among the inmates to confidently join back the society after they are release from the jail.


SRI ASARAMAYAND AKHAND 108 PATH is another great seva. Sri Asaramayand path not only fulfills all our wishes but also creates positive energy in the environment. This purifies the heart and mind of the readers, listeners and of all who resides in that pious environment. Sri Asaramayand comprehends Bhagvat Gita, Ramayand and Vedas. This portrays pujya Bapuji's jeevan lila and thus is a source of inspiration for a better life and elucidates drops upon the ultimate goal of life.  

Sri Asaramayan akhand path can be organized in our homes, temples, ashrams. We can invite our neighbors, relatives, friends and sadhak bhai/ behen and thus chant the devout Asaramayand path alternately in groups.  Musical instruments like dholak, cashio etc. add colors. The path can be completed in 25-30 hours easily (based upon the reading speed). In the concluding stage we can have bhajan, kirtan followed by aarti and Prasad sevanam.  


WEEKLY SATSANG SEVA- Greatest Tap is Satsang, source of all wisdom is Satsang and door to all worldly & eternal happiness is Satsang. It's well said that –

                        "Ek Ghadi aadhi ghadhi, aadhi mein puni aadh,

                        Tulsi sangat sadh ki, hare koti apradh"

Weekly/biweekly/monthly Satsang programs can be organized in homes, temples, ashrams etc.

Lord Siva used to take Goddesses Parvati with him to the satsang. Sri Ram used to visit maharshis (saints) and attends satsang during his 14 years exile with Sita and Lakshman. Also he organized Satsang for all the Ayodhya residents by Lord Shiva for entire one year.

Kabir Ji said

"Even if we get one time food from Chandal's( slaughterer) house and Brahma gyan Satsang, it's better to stay there than to rule a kingdom."

So it's impossible to explain the importance of Satsang even if we have thousands of head each with thousands of tongues.

Therfore Organizing weekly Satsang is really an unparallel seva.  



In today's modern world, our mind is in a constant flux. Many thoughts keep crowding our mind and we find ourselves moving in divergent directions. It seems we are being pulled from all sides, and thus causing constant turmoil and anxiety. The entire society has fallen in the trap of sex, lust and desire. One does not have the peace of a still mind and solitude. The five main obstacles to happiness are desire, anger, greed, attachment and pride. They can be conquered by practice of brahmcharya. Brahmcharya means celibacy i.e. to give up that food, action that kindles desire. Brahmcharya gives us mental and physical strength, and hence, helps in achieving all our goals (materialistic or eternal) and in turn illuminates our life.

Therefore, with the benison of Pujya Asaramji Bapu, Sadhaks throughout India are putting their heart and soul into YUVADHAN SURAKSHA ABHIYAN so as to spread this message to as many young people as possible. We too can join by reading the following books five times and also by taking a pledge to distribute at least 25 copies of these books to the youth around us.

1) Yuvadhanan Surakha (The Secret of Eternal Youth in English)

2) Yovan Surakha

3) Yog Yatra-4

We can distribute these books in schools, colleges and inspire the youths to read these books and join this mission.

For details please visit the link-


     &    https://www.ashram.org/seva



The world today is overwhelmingly materialistic and this has created a great spiritual void in our lives. The yearning for the carnal world has stressed out the common man. Our existence feels barren and devoid of meaning. Reflective people have realized that peace and happiness cannot come without spiritual dimensions. But in this fast life people have no time to read Bhagwatam, Shashratas, and Vedas and so on. “Rishi Prasad”, a monthly spiritual magazine "RishiPrasad" contains the essence of all Shashtras and Vedas.

This publishes excerpts from the satsangs of Shri Asharamji Bapu. Bapuji’s satsang gives direction to ever wandering mind and helps it focus on the source it has originated from.

Man tu jyoti swaroop hai, apana mool pehchaan

Having glimpsed the true self, our outlook towards the outer world changes.  

Nazar badali to nazaare badale

Kishsti ne badalaa rukha, to kinaare badale

Once we have had the glimpse of our nature and know who we are, the whole world changes. Bapuji's satsang escort us to our ultimate goal in a rocket.

We can become a part of the spiritual revolution which is urging people to question the relevance of their futile existence without a divine faith by the following means:


 1.  Subscribing RishiPrasad for ourselves.

 2.  Encouraging relatives, neighbors for RishiPrasad membership.

 3.  Distributing RishiPrasad (old or new editions).

 4.  Making RishiPrasad members by reaching door to door (shops & residences).

 5.  RishiPrasad Calculation.

 6.  Gifting RishiPrasad memberships to friends, relatives in different occasions like anniversary, birthday, house/shop inauguration and so on.

 7.  Posting excerpts of RishiPrasad to friends through emails & letters.

It's high time for us to take a pledge & work hard to integrate each and every family of our country, instead entire world with RishiPrasad and thus help to achieve emancipation and self – realization, which is the ultimate goal of every life.



"Mother Bharati ( India) needs the status of 'Viswa Guru',

BalSanskarKendra(BSK) is the only way to get through"


BSK Program Inspired by Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu aims at teaching children 'Yogic Techniques' to improve the Memory Power, Concentration, Success in studies/exams, Self-confidence, Patience, Anger Control, Respect for Parents/Elders, Health etc.

All the above in a FUN filled environment with stories, quiz & games while learning mantra chanting, Yogasanas, Pranayam, Meditation.


The FIVE guiding principles of BSK are:

1. Teach Yogic Practices to awaken Dormant Spiritual Powers.

2. Share Inspirational Anecdotes & Stories from Scriptures & History of India.

3. Instill Good Sacrament & cultural values for character building & success.

4. Provide Health Care tips & precautions for all seasons for healthy bodies.

5. Knowledge gain while having fun & playing games.


Therefore, BSK is a divine initiative to mould the present and future India. We all need to join our hands and go ahead fearlessly. Inspiration and unswerving convictions is all it takes to start a BSK. It is Bapuji's Divine Sankalp that makes this program so powerful & popular; we are just the medium to convey Bapuji's messages.


For details like- basic BSK Guidelines, Class Format, Monthly Curriculum,

BSK Templates and so on, please visit

LINK ----https://balsanskarkendra.org/

            &         https://www.ashram.org



SANKIRTAN YATRA (Divine Procession) SEVA

In this 21st century we are droved in the horde of money and status. We are lacking spiritual dimensions to our lives and in our relationships, which is the ultimate cause of all our sufferings - mental & physical. Thus, it is the need of the hour to save the world from this crisis. And BhagwanNam Sankirtan (enchanting of the divine name of the supreme Lord) is the only way to restore our mind to simplicity, peace and poise, to free it from confusion and distress.

Today, when we Indians are adopting western culture, in west the consciousness for the BhagwanNam Sankirtan, Gita, Bhagvatam (Indian culture) is increasing alarmingly.

So, we are responsible for awakening the society regarding the importance of the BhagwanNam (divine name of the supreme Lord) and SANKIRTAN YATRA is the most suitable means to do this. Hearing the pious name of the God creates a sensation in the mind & body. It definitely develops a positive environment and in turn cleans up the crimes in the society.

We can assemble together and start Divine Procession in our nearby area weekly/biweekly/monthly. People irrespective of their age, sex, background can join this Yatra and thus also help to remove discrimination in the society.

This is a great Seva towards our Guruji and to the society. 


Sadhaks can do seva in following manner

  • Do Japa of Mahamrityunjay Jap for Pujya Bapuji's prosperity and good health daily atleast 7 times.
  •  Every Sadhak should open atleast one Balsanskar and inspire atleast 2 every month.
  •  Every sadhak should make Rishi Prasad members atleast 2 per month.
  • Distribute Divya Prerna Prakash book in schools/colleges atleast once in a month.
  • Do participate in organising Kirtan yatra atleast once in a month.