पूज्य बापूजी

Sachmuch Guru hain Deendayal.. Sahaj hi kar dete hain Nihaal

The Spiritual Revolutionist

Pujya Bapuji

Do you know who has illumined the whole world with the spiritual esoteric knowledge of the scriptures making it lucid and interesting? Who has satiated not only India but the whole world with his ambrosial utterances? Who has placed before the world the lofty ideal of selfless service along with that of satsang for the first time?

We know the only answer to these questions is going to be – ‘Self-reposed, well versed in scriptures, established in Brahman, master of Yoga, worthy of being remembered at the start of the day, Param Pujya Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu.’

With due respect to the feelings of devotees, Every leaf of this website is a flower offered by the devotees at the lotus feet of Param Pujya Bapuji. In fact, trying to eulogize the Self-realized all-pervading and perfected great Man like Pujya Bapuji is like showing a torch to the Sun. It is impossible to pen down Pujyashree’s glory in words.

Like the Sun is the only source of light on the earth, ‘Brahma-nishtha’ great men, saints are the primary source of divine inspiration, goodwill and altruistic activities in the society. Flowers bloom at one place but their fragrance spreads all over, so also the whole world is redolent with the fragrance of pious virtues of saints. Pujya Bapuji’s Sadguru, Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj had once said to Pujya Bapuji,“Become fragrant like a rose…May the world recognize you.”

Pujya Bapuji’s family priest, Parashuram too had prophesied on seeing Pujya Bapuji’s brilliant face, “He will become a great saint and will emancipate the people.”

Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj’s blessing and family priest, Parashuram’s prophesy have come true. Today, Pujya Bapuji is spreading the fragrance of a full-bloomed rose. The hearts of crores of distressed people around the world are benefitting from this spiritual fragrance. The Knowledge of Vedic sages is being expressed through Pujyashree’s discourses. Pujya Bapuji, who empathizes with all beings, who by his very nature, is distressed Himself at the pain and suffering of others, is guiding the humanity on the right path of life.

God-realized great men have no duties whatsoever to perform for they are established in the Supreme Being, beyond all bondages. Yet the activities that are spontaneously performed by them are immensely beneficial to the society. Param Pujya Bapuji, an embodiment of Self-realization, an icon of altruism, the supreme well-wisher of all beings, an accomplished master of Kundalini Yoga, is awakening, the feeling of well-being of all creatures and awareness for the Indian culture through his satsang discourses.

‘सर्वभूतहिते रतः’ ‘Being intent on the welfare of all beings’, Pujya Bapuji says, ‘Smiling is My habit, cheerfulness is My nature and awakening you is My objective.’

Pujya Bapuji dispenses the blessing of a life that is healthy, happy, respectable and full of divine bliss. There is a rare blend of spontaneity, pleasantness and affection in His utterances, Each and every act of Pujya Bapuji reflects the feeling of - ‘वसुधैवकुटुम्बकम्’ ‘The whole world is one family’. Pujyashree’s message is -- all men should shun envy and malice and should live life with mutual love and affection and thus build an ideal society which shall put India on a pinnacle in the comity of nations (‘Vishwaguru’) in no time.


“Most revered Bapuji is Godly saint, Life makes a head way by His mere ‘Darshan’.

-- Sri Jayendra Saraswatiji the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetha


Trying to express ‘His’ greatness in words, Mahamandaleshwar Shri Paramatmanandji Maharaj Says: “In the form of the most honorable, deserving to be adorned with infinite titles, worthy of being remembered at the start of the day, an incarnation of the Era, the supreme Saint Shri Asaramji Maharaj, we have got back our Buddha; Tulsidas and Surdas are with us in His form; Paying reverence to Him is akin to paying homage to Kabirji and Mahatma Buddha…”

We find in Pujya Bapuji the dexterity of Lord Rama, the equanimity and ‘affection for the devotee’ of Lord Krishna, the yogic power of Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj and Gynaneshwarji Maharaj, the compassion of Buddha, the austerity of Mahavir Swami, the penchant for selfless service of Hanumanji, the steadfastness in Sadhana of Guru Nanak, the Vedantic ecstasy of Swami Ramatirtha, the rapturous devotional chanting of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the firm stance in Knowledge of Raman Maharishi- all rolled in one. The devotees are gratified by the overflowing ocean of such a divine combination. On the occasions of holy Kumbha festivals, Lakhs of people flock to listen to Pujya Bapuji’s satsang and get immersed in the depths of Knowledge and Meditation. This is quite a spectacle and presents all the glory of the holy festival at one place.

Everyone feels close to Pujyashree. Heads of various organizations and politicians of different hues feel blessed seeking guidance from him. Pujya Bapuji has visited USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Bangkok, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Dubai and even Pakistan. His Holiness delivered his message of happiness, peace and mutual goodwill to people there.

Pujya Bapuji successfully represented India in the ‘Worlds Parliament of Religions’ held in September 1993 AD. While other orators were given 3 to 5 minutes time, people listened to Pujya Bapuji with rapt attention for 55 minutes on one occasion and 75 minutes on the other. In Bapuji’s satsang, one finds an excellent technique of blending the knowledge propounded by Rishis with modern life and producing a harmonious synthesis relevant to present-day society.

Pujyashree says, “Morality can not survive in the absence of spirituality and materialism inevitably brings sorrow and misery. If we can do no good, it is all right but we must eschew the evil tendencies. We can not achieve world-peace by proclaiming rather we should be engrossed in Self-Peace in order to achieve it. Your endeavors should be motivated by divine love not attachment, hatred, greed and delusion. Real progress and real joy is not possible without spirituality. Material progress may give elation and comforts, but it can never provide permanent happiness. Therefore give significance to spiritual progress so that progress of all kinds becomes possible.”

In His satsang discoursed, Pujya Bapuji leads people to laughter coupled with progressively faster chanting of the seed-mantra ॐ, which produces energy upto 70,000 Bovis. This exercise eradicates thought-pollution on one hand and helps the devotees to achieve faster progress in spiritual sphere on the other.

In Pujya Bapuji’s satsang we find a marvelous blend of the depth of Meditation Yoga, the joy of Bhakti Yoga and the Knowledge of the Ultimate Truth of Gyan Yoga. In addition to that, Karma Yoga finds a perfect expression in His life. The Society is being benefited today by a number of altruistic activities being carried out under Bapuji’s auspices. Pipal or Banyan trees sanctified by Him with divine Power are found in most of the Ashram. People not only get peace and happiness by circumambulating them, they also get their wishes granted.

The Diksha given by Him in Vedic mantras brings total transformation in the lives of Sadhakas. They make all round progress in life – physical, mental and spiritual. Various benefits of Mantra-diksha are clearly visible disciple’s lives. (Out of these, the chief ones shall be described in the forthcoming ‘Rishi Prasad’ Issue) It is impossible to state all the benefits accruing from Mantra-diksha.

Embodiment of Causeless Unbidden Mercy

PujyaBapuji Smiling

Pujyashree tells us that when he was a Sadhaka, he used to undergo pangs of separation from the Lord and yearn for God-Realization and would say to Lord, “'Let me find You once’ then You see how low-priced (easily available) I will make You.”

Today these words of Pujyashree are proving to be perfectly true. An ocean of Self-bliss is always undulating around Him where anybody irrespective of his religion, sect, caste and creed can take a dip.

Bapuji’s kind words give message of hope and enthusiasm to the downcast humanity like streams of fresh water flowing through scorched desert lands. Pujyashree says with firm conviction, “Even if you fall a thousand times, take another step on the path of truth… success will have to beat your feet.”

Pujya Bapuji has brought forth the holy Ganges of the Knowledge of Gita in the polluted and restive atmosphere of Kaliyuga, where both the deserving and the undeserving can take a dip and get themselves purified.

The ambrosia of Self-bliss that Bapuji attained after years of sadhana undergoing all kinds of trials and tribulations, is being dispensed open handedly by him among the masses by continuously touring all round the country. There are thousands of Sadhakas who observe a vow of taking food and water only after having Pujyashree’s Darshan on every Purnima. Pujya Bapuji bears hardship Himself and gives Purnima Darshan and Satsang at two-three places in a single day, so that the devotees may not have to take the trouble of travelling long distances. He frequently goes into solitude but His devotees seek Him out and the kind-hearted Bapuji accedes to their prayer for Darshan and satsang, sparing time from his invaluable spiritual enterprise.

Truly…Our Guru is compassion-incarnate for the poor;

He gratifies everyone without any efforts on their part; He wants everyone, to fill therir empty bags (i.e.become prosperous), By realizing the Supreme Self.

If Bapuji finds a poor person on the way, an ocean of compassion that He is, He stops His vehicle and gives him Prasad or Money or some such thing. Nobody is unknown to Pujya Bapuji.When Pujyashree sees somebody bareheaded or barefooted or showing some other sign of deprivation, he is so filled with compassion that he gives away his own sandals, umbrella or even the cloth that he wears around neck. On the top of it, Pujyashree gives him a smile which he can not forget for the rest of his life.


The Indweller of All Hearts

Pujya Bapuji is ever engaged in the good of the mankind and in efforts for increasing peace and happiness in their lives, for making their lives free from tension, for accord and harmony in their family lives and for their spiritual advancement. Not only human beings, he takes due care that even the tiniest of creatures should not be hurt or deprived of their right to live. He instruct his disciples also the same so as to walk carefully so as not to trample ants and other creatures, to throw grains to the birds and to offer morsels to the cows- to act with humility towards all beings not out of compassion but considering them akin to one’s own Self. Pujya Bapuji says in His satsang: आत्मवत् पश्येत् सर्वभूतेषु । ‘Know all beings to be part and parcel of the Supreme Being like yourself.’

Bapujis Love

Engaged in the welfare of all living beings, Pujya Bapuji saved the life of thousands of cows being taken to the slaughter-house. He set up large cow-sheds and made arrangements for their food etc. India will forever be indebted to Him for this act of his, which gives to the countrymen, the message of rearing cows alongwith that of compassion towards all living beings.

The supreme well-wishers of all living being i.e. the God-realized saints abide in all beings as the Atman. Even at the time of sadhana, Hismagnanimous belief of ‘अहं आत्मा सर्वभूताशयस्थित:’ ‘I am the Atman abiding in all beings’ had attained pefection. The incidents of Pujyashree treading upon snakes in the darkness of his cave and the latter not biting Him bear testimony to this fact.

Equipped with Yogic Potency

PujyaBapuji doing Sadhna

God-realization is a supremely elevated state. If this state is coupled with Yogic potency, it is like sugaring the milk. This very kind of combination is seen in the life of Param Pujya Bapuji. On one side His state of God-realization fills the devotees who come near Him with bliss and peace and on the other, incidents like bringing a dead cow to life, causing rainfall in famine-struck areas, blessing with childred, the couples who had been without them for year, curing people of incurable diseases, blessing poor people with wealth and uneducated ones with intellect and turning staunch atheists into believers – are evidence of His being equipped with Yogic potency.

Benefactor of the Deprived

PujyaBapuji doing Seva

A saint has remarked, “For a hungry man, food alone is the spirituality, food grains are actual God and clothing solely is Divinity.”

It is absolutely true. Until and unless the fire in the stomach are satiated one can not imbibe spiritual percepts howsoever sound and great they may be. Pujya Bapuji, who is ever engaged in uplifting all strata of the society, by organising distribution of food to the poor along with satsang, has indeed put this principal into practice. Large bhandaras (feasts) are organized for the poor and trible people under Pujyashree’s guidance. Thereafter, clothes, utensils, food grains, oil, soap, amla choorna packets, Chyavanprash, sweetmeats, footwear and other daily necessities are distributed. Cash assistance too is provided. And at last, they are served with the nectar of devotion. As the devotees are engrossed in Kirtana (devotional chanting), the pace of chanting is upped and the loved one’s of the Lord are led into the laughter exercise to give them a taste of bliss. This extraordinary technique replaces the humdrum of their lives with cheerfulness. Then Pujyashree advises them on how to lead a healthy, happy and contented life.

Pujyashree tells them, “Among tribal people an erroneous custom of wearing silver bangles and silver rings has crept in, which is detrimental to health. Gold ornaments should be worn above the navel and silver ornaments, below te navel. Those going against this principle are prone to have physical and mental afflictions and those following it enjoy good health.”

The Sadguru who teaches the art of converting tears into a musical composition, death into salvation, hatred into love, defeat into victory has been instrumental in putting a stop to the practice of mourning excessively in memory of the ancestors that was prevalent in tribal community and has replaced it with the custom of expressing gratitude for the departed souls thereby converting death into an auspicious happening. The book titled ‘Mangalmay Jeevan Mrityu’ teaching the art of converting death into salvation, is a must for every household.

Lakhs of backward people have taken advantage of these Bhandaras, Sometimes sweet porridge, sweetmeats, fruits, sherbet, buttermilk, umbrellas are distributed in addition to Bhandaras. Trible people affectionately use different terms for Bapuji like ‘Sweet porridge Baba’ and ‘Buttermilk Baba’. In view of Bapuji himself participating in such altruistic endeavours His disciples get inspiredto follow suit with great zeal and enthusiasm. Bapuji says, “Make your life a celebration. (Utsav) ‘Ut’ means supreme and ‘sav’ means yajna (sacrificial act). Feeding a hungry man, giving water to the thirsty, showing the way to one who has lost his way, providing courage to te dejected, showing the path of satsang to people in bad company- all these are Karm-Yajnas (The Yoga of selfless action). If you feed a hungry person, hewill of course be benefited by way of his hunger getting satiated; but at the same time you will be all the more benefited by way of mental satisfaction an spiritual elevation.

PujyaBapuji doing Seva


“The Ashram’s work in trying to uplift the poor and downtrodden should continue in the future

also. Various spiritual and humanitarian endeavours for the welfare of the humanity especially

through the message of love and brotherhood are worthy activities for the uplift of the society.”

(Original letter) - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the then President, Republic of India.



PujyaBapuji distributing grains

On top of this, Pujyashree tells his disciples “You should not entertain the feeling that you are doing any favours by giving something to the other person. On the contrary, he is doing us a favour by providing us an opportunity to be of service to him. This should be the feeling in our heart. In reality, it is the same Lord who is accepting the gift and it is verily the same Lord who is inspiring the giver.”

Inflation, poverty and un-employement are the burning issues today because of which a huge segment of the society is leading a miserable life. For such people Bapuji has, out of his supremely beneficent spiritual thinking started a unique program,‘have food and get paid for performing devotions’. This scheme has been in operation for a good number of years. Poor, jobless and deprived people assemble in the Ashram or at specified places and participate in devotional chanting, japa, satsang, and self-study of scriptures from morning till evening. They are provided with afternoon meals free of cost and are given 30 Rupees in the evening as wages. This way poverty and un-employment is reduced and at the same time the environment is sanctified by the japa and devotional chanting.

In times of earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities, Pujyashree Himself visits affected areas as far as possible. He provides them a helping hand, consoles them and builds up courage in the people there. Where He cannot reach Himself, He sends his disciples and gets items of necessity and daily use distributed free houses as well.

On occasions like Deepawali when the people are busy celebrating and enjoying the occasion with friends and family, this saint, the darling of masses, goes, amidst the poor people and tribals hoping to bring the smile of Deepavali lamps to their withered faces. The saint delivers them from misery and want and fills their life with such brightness that they say in unison:

“If it is Deepawali Bapu has to come and whenever Bapu arrives it is Deepawali.”

High and mighty que up for hours, craving for His Darshan. When such a high profile saint stoops to talk to a poor and destitute man and inquires about his welfare, it becomes a spectacular sight. Pujya Bapuji sends a message out for the countrymen, “A number of people in India are suffering; we should look after them, Temples should of course be built but at the same time we should also build some houses and, medical centres for the poor and provide them adequate clothing.”

Do light lamps in your own house on the Deepawali day, but if there is a poor neighbour, light a few lamps in his house too. Distribute some seetmeats, fruits and clothes over there as well and say a few words of affection and encouragement. Illuminate life with the light of Vedic Knowledge of ‘सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन:’ “May all beings be happy…”

PujyaBapuji distributing houses

Poverty does not fefer only to the absence of wealth; one who does not posses peace of mind and happiness is also a pauper. Probably, that is why it is said, ‘Guru Nanak says the whole world is unhappy.’ Attachment, hatred, jealousy, greed, selfishness, censure are worst poisons of this age because of which a number of people are suffering acutely. Even such people, when come across Bapuji, their various vices like attachment, hatred and jealousy is converted to love, greed is replaced by sacrifice, selfishness and calumniation are replaced by self-lessservice and they learn the art of getting established in the Self and thereby attaining salvation.

 Pujya Bapuji doing seva

Under the guidance of the compassion-incarnate Pujyashree, the Ashram and its vaious samitis have undertaken a variety of service tasks namely: Distribution of daily necessities in orphanages, distribution of free food grains to the poor, destitute and the widows, distribution of buttermilk and water gratis in public places, distribution of fruits, milk, medicines and literature in hospitals, anti-addiction campaigns, organization of free medical camps and arrangement of free mobile despensaries, prisoner-upliftment programsin jails etc…

Impressed by these altruistic activities under Bapuji’s auspices, VHP’s International president Shri Ashok Singhal says, “The entire Hindu society shall remain indebted to Param Pujya Bapuji for the great achievement he has made in instilling faith, in the tribal and forest people, in the Hindu culture and the Hindus will never be able to repay the debt. The great personage has set up various service programmes in tribal areas. Those, who could not tolerate this, have tried to malign the saint through the media. Hindu society will not be affected by this propaganda and it is the need of the hour to be alert and spread the tight message.”

 Devotees Privilege

Delivered from Illness and Obtained Promotion

I had suffered a mild heart attack, so I got myself admitted in ICU in a hospital in Agra. I had to take 39 days leave. Because of that I could not complete the annual assignment as per the norms fixed by the High Court. The then District Judge dissatisfied with my performance sent a bad confidential report due to which I was deprived of my promotion from Chief Judicial Magistrate to Additional Sessions Judge. One of my brothers had passed away suffering a heart attack and two of my brothershad undergone by-pass surgery. I was highly perturbed at the aforesaid turn of events. Thereafter I started watching Bapuji’ssatsang on TV every morning. In the year 2000 on the occasion of Guru Poonam I took Mantra-diksha.

Considering my family history, doctors advised me to undergo Angiography. I prayed internally to Guruji to obviate the necessity ofsurgery since I was convinced that I was a heart patient. When the angiography report came out it was found that only one of my arteries was 20 percent blocked which is quite normal for a 45 year old person. Sadgurudev’s grace had averted theoperation. I also got the promotion that had been withheld, in an unexpected way because Gurudev’s ambrosial percepts had filled me with self-confidence so much so that I was able to give a very good performance. I had to obtain two ‘good’ confidential character-reports consecutively and due to Guruji’s grace the selection committee meeting was postponed for a year. By the time, the meeting was finally held, I had managed to obtain the requisite ‘good’ character-reports. Therefore by keeping faith in Guruji, I averted the operation and also obtained the promotion. I will forever be indebted to Guruji for his kindness.

- Shri K.P.Singh Additional District & Sessions Judge Gwalior, M.P.

Showing the way to devotees


An amorous person seeks women, one with attachment dies for family and a greedy one hankers after wealth but a devotee’s goal is God alone. When the Sadhaka, chained by shackles of Jiva-consciousness begins to fathom to some extent the worthlessness of the world, he starts feeling an urge in his heart for pur Self-bliss. Then start his efforts to attain this Self-bliss; he studies the scriptures and takes recourse to various spiritual practices. But when he realizes that he is not being bereaved of the inner emptiness by means, he forgets his egotism and seeks help from the all-pervading Supreme Being. And ow does the Supreme Being help him? The Almighty incarnates Himself in the form of God-realized Sadgurus and plays His divine frolics form time to time.

In this very chain of God-realized Sadgurus, Param Pujya Bapuji is taking the devotees effortlessly on the path to salvation by Darshan, Satsan, meditation, Kundalini Yoga and the Yoga of listening to the inner sound of Aum experienced in meditation. It is said in ‘Guru Granth Sahib’:

“Guru Nanak says that by coming in the tutelage of Sadguru, one gets such a knack as to attain salvation effortlessly and without any sacrifice as if in a play.’

Pujyashree says, “O sadhaka! God is not afar nor is the attainment of Him, difficult. Take a firm resolve today itself, ‘I will surely attain Self-realization’. You just have to take one single step forward; the Lord is willing to take 999 steps. You pray to the Lord timorously and lose yourself into Him; surrender yourself to Him who is your real master.”

The inquisitive aspirant does study the scriptures but he is unable to understand the esoteric message contained therein and as such fails to learn the art of leading a blissful life. It is possible only when you come across the Sadguru who has experienced and assimilated the scriptural maxim of ‘वासुदेव: सर्वम्’ ‘ all is God.’

Those fortunate few who have taken Mantra-Diksha from Pujyashree, a dispenser of the ambrosia of Self-bliss, and frequently attendDhyan Yoga Shibirs (Meditation camps), have, through His causeless unbidden compassion, got the divine experience of evolution their spiritual energy which makes worries and tension, disappointment and dejection flee from their hearts and unravels the sticky knots of their lives. Slowly and slowly their lust is converted into devotion, they get naturally attuned to meditation and their mind starts reposing in the Divinity within. People starts experiencing, in just 12 days, the real happiness and divine peace and tranquillity that others cannot find by self-mortifying sadhana of 12 years. Simply by sitting near the feet of compassion-incarnate Bapuji and listening to His Satsang, people get spiritually elevated and the hidden meaning of the scriptures is revealed to them.

Pujyashree’s message to the aspirants is, “wake up to your own Divinity. How long will you keep believing yourself to be merely a certain physical structure, mind and intellect? You are the Supreme Consciousness, wherein innumerable souls, infinite bodies are being echoed. You are the fragrance in the flowers, the nectar in the trees, the chirping of the birds. It is you who shine as the Sun and the Moon. Know your real nature of ‘I am playing in and as all that is’ and repose in your True Self, which is the real Samadhi and that too with open eyes. You have no time to waste because cruel Father of Death is hovering over your head.

PujyaBapuji: A Great Teacher

We make arrangements of food, clothing, housing and vehicles for our children but the mistake we commit is to ignore the need for ensuring their ideological, moral, intellectual and spiritual development. What is taught in schools and colleges may be useful for earning a living but if the students are not taught, at this juncture that which is so important for shaping one’s life, the techniques to awaken their dormant powers and to cultivate the virtues of industriousness, courage, patience et., if traits of adoring parents and elders are not inculcated in them, these students will grow up to be educated failures and will develop in such manner as to send their parents to old-age homes, to be prone to commit suicide for little or no cause, to be the selfish one’s, eager to divorce their spouses, desolate, addicts, perverse and unquiet citizens.

We should, for the sake of all round development of our beloved children, send them to Vidyarthi Tejaswi Taalim Shibirs (Students’ educational Camps) where Param Pujya Bapuji who is the master of Knowledge of Ultimate Truth, which is Supreme among all branches of knowledge, himself instructs student by way of satsang and his pious company. There, the traits of serving parents are inculcated in the students and they get the supreme path of upliftment in their lives.

Pujyashree is travelling through the length and breadth of the country and blowing the conch of awakening the youth of India throughVidyarthi Tejaswi Taalim Shibirs, through 19000 Baal Samskar Kendras being run under his auspicesm through Yuvadhan Suraksha Abhiyans (protection of youth, the wealth of the nation) and through the newly formed Yuva Seva Sangh (Youth Service Union). He is a great proponent of teaching self-restraint to the youth. More than 17.2 million copies of ‘Divya Prerana Prakash’, a booklet containing his teachings on self-restraint, have been distributed. Shri Hansdasji Maharaj, the secretary of All India Sadhu Samaj and the general secretary of Sant Samiti, has praised this booklet wholeheartedly.

Fast bowler, Ishant Sharma, who plays an important role in Team India’s victory in cricket matches,says, “Since the time I received guidance and blessing from Pujya Bapuji, doors of success have opened in my life. All young men and women should read Pujya Bapuji’s ‘Divya Prerana Prakash’

Pujyashree’s way of explaining is such succinct, affectionate, marvellous and benevolent that even the dullest student is able to grasp the techniques of success in life. A characteristic feature of Pujya Bapuji is that on one hand he is an experiential teacher of Vedanta and on the other he is capable scholar or child psychology as well. He becomes a child himself while with the children and gives them the esoteric Knowledge of the Gita and Vedanta in a very simple and convenient language.


O students! Adopt self-restraint and nobility in your life. Take to and place reliance on japa,

Meditaion, mauna. Read pious literature. Get rid of bad company and go for the good one. Get the

company of competent Sadguru. Be determined and take a plunge…Hari ॐ... Hari ॐ... Hari ॐ...


The results of Saraswatya Mantra-Diksha given by Pujyashree and the Yogic exercises and the various techniques for success in life taught by him are clearly visible in the society. Singer Bhavya Pundit, a rising star in the world of music, who secured the first place in many music competitions, gives all thecredit for her success to Saraswatya Mantra-Diksha received from Pujya Bapuji and to Guru’s grace. Dr. Rahul Katyal, a young scientist and physiotherapist, who was honoured with a national prize by National Research Development Corporation, remembers his weak student life and says, “Saraswatya Mantra-Diksha received from Pujya Bapuji is an elixir of life for development of talent.” Ajay Mishra, who did away with his weak memory with the help of Mantra-Diksha and was appointed ‘the Global Product Manager’ in the telecom firm, Nokia, too holds the same view. He is earning a salary of 30 lakh rupees per annum. Kshitij Soni, a poor boy who used to graze cattle and had difficulty finding even a sum of Rs.2.50 to buy tyer-soled chappals,has, as a result of Anushthana (repetition of a mantra for a set number of times during a given period) of Saraswatya Mantrareceived from Pujya Bapuji and reading Sri Asraramayana, become an Aircraft Engineer in ‘Go-Air’ and is earning 21.60 lakh rupees per annum. A youth, Virendra Mehta has with the help of Saraswatya Mantra-Diksha received from Pujya Bapuji and Yogic techniques taught by Pujyashree to improve memory, earned a place in 25 most amazing persons of the world. He memorised 80000 words of ‘Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary’ along with their respective page numbers and thereby achieved a world record.

Apart from these, there are lakhs of students, who received guidance from Pujya Bapuji and developed their powers of memory, decision-making and many other dormant powers in an extraordinary manner and they have begun to meet with success in all spheres. Through his forceful teachings and transmission of spiritual energy, Pujya Bapuji fill even the most desperate of students with immense Self-confidence. After getting initiated by Bapuji and moving tirelessly on the path of devotion and Yoga as shown by ‘Him”, a young boySuresh is being reverted as ‘Sureshanand’, today. His devoted-in-service, blissful and elevated life presents an inspiration for the society. We know how degraded his life was! But, it hardly matters now, when his life has reached heights of success, after getting Bapuji’s satsang, performing selfless service… Thus, no one should get disheartened. Everybody is well-acquainted withSureshanandji’s childhood days. Because of bad company his life had deteriorated to such an extent that he was thrown out of his own house and used to live on foo-path. Such Suresh is in front of us as the Bapuji’s loved ine, Sureshanand, revered by various millionaires and billionaires and lakhs of people around the globe. That is why all students having received Mantra-Diksha from Pujya Bapuji proclaim in unison: ‘Bapuji’s children can never be weak.’

Pens, pencils, notebooks, school bags, uniforms and inspiring literature are distributed free among poor children, in schools under Pujya Bapuji’s instructions. In the tribal areas, in addition to distributing mats, furniture and clothes etc. Bhandaras (feasts) too are organised for children.

Two more projects are in full swing. ‘Vidyarthi Ujjwal Bhavishya Nirman Shibirs’ are being held during vacations so as to rid students of weakness and inferiority feelings. Secondly, students are trainded in Yoga and noble traits are inculcated in them through ‘Yoga Va Uchcha Samskar Shiksha Abhiyan’. National-level competitions are being conducted for the development of students’ spiritual knowledge. In just 3 such competitions, more than 22 lakh sutdents have been benefited. Another initative taken by Pujya Bapuji is organising of ‘Matri Pitri Pujan Divas’ to save the youth of India from the decadent western custom of Valentine Day and inculcating love and respect for parents in the youth. ‘Matri Pitri Punan Divas’ is celebrated on 14th February every year in homes and also in a number of schools. There are also available to students, VCDs, MP3s of Pujyashree’s satsang and literature, which contain tius to improve memory and to to get good marks in examinations and also inspiring anecdotes to give correct direction to students’ life. Lakhs of students have profited from them and have elevated their lives; are doing so and will continue to do so. Param Pujya Bapuji wants to give to the country and also to the world, ideal citizens, by making them abundantly endowed with a strong body, sharp & intelligent mind, full of Self-confidence and multifariously talented. Pujyashree says, “Those lacking in self-restraint and probity in life can not make progress in life nor can they do anything great for the society. Fascination for materialism, and egotism drowns therm. They suffer the fate Ravana and Kamsa did. The society and the country comprised of such people lag behind in real happiness and peace and in spiritual progress.”

Beloved of Saints

The saint community has great reverence for Pujya Bapuji. We present here a glimpse of the saints’ affectionate expressions:


“The highest number of people come and listen to Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu.”

-Leading ascetic, Shri Vamdevji Maharaj


PujyaBapuji with Baba Ramdev

Shri Ramdevaji Maharaj, the Famous Master of Yoga: “Every One Who has Lost Hope Needs Asharamji. I have been blessed with the darshana of highly respected and revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapuj who has elevated the hearts of, and bestowed peace to, millions of souls. Probably very individual is dejected and frustrated with life and he needs the blessings of Asharamji. Revered and adorable Maharaj Sri ‘Asharamji' is the crying need of the whole world. You keep showing us the path. We also shall keep moving behind You and shall achieve the goal one day, for sure.”

 Shankaracharyaji Kanchi

Shri Jayendra Saraswatiji, the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetha : “Most revered Bapuji is a Godly saint. Life makes a head way by His mere ‘Darshan’.”

 Morari Bapu

The Famous Religious Narrator Sant Shri Morari Bapu : “I have been privileged to have darshana of highly revered Bapuji His pious darshana reminds me of the sloka- ‘दिने-दिने नवं-नवं प्रतिक्षण वर्धमानम्’ i.e. Bapuji is an ever new and ever increasing reservoir of Bliss, which I am presently, experiencing.”


The Peetha-dhiswar of Juna Akhada Swami Shri Avadheshanandji : “He has the loftiness, the piety and excellence of the Himalayas, and solemnity like the depths of the sea. He is an invaluable asset to the nation.”

 agadguru Acharaya Shri Ramdayaldasji Maharaj

Jagadguru Acharaya Shri Ramdayaldasji Maharaj of the International Ramasanehi sect : “Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu has infused the society at large, the Hindu culture and the youth with spiritual power beyond all expectations!.”

 Shri Hansdasji Maharaj

Secretary of all India Sadhusamaj and Chairman of Sant Samiti Shri Hansdasji Maharaj says : “Respected Bapuji has done excellent work for the youth. When the country’s youth-power shall rise, then a change for the better is certain and the safety of the country shall be secured.”

 Acharya Shri Giriraj Kishoreji

Acharya Shri Giriraj Kishoreji, Vishwa Hindu Parishad: “Revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu is a great saint who has revived and protected the Indian culture in a very short time.”


Mahamandaleshwar Shri Paramatmanandji Maharaj : “Param Pujya Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu, the one possessing magnificent glory, the one worthy of being remembered at the start of day. I have the same respect for Him, in my heart, as I have for any Deity.”


Sant Shri Harpal Singhji

Sant Shri Harpal Singhji, Chief of Gurudwara Ratwada Sahib: “Our Pujya Gurudev, Babaji, who has departed from this world, used to say, ‘Great Karma-Yogi saints like Bapuji, who is propagating non-dualist and all inclusive idea of spirituality, are rare to find in today’s world.’ I congratulate Him from the core of my heart; thousand of salutations to Him.”


Welcoming the president of the convention, Param Pujya Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu and the saints, Mahamandaleshwar Shri Devendranandji said:

“You are the uncrowned King without a kingdom; yet you are the pride and crest jewel of all saints! There are many and many there will be, but you are the most precious diamond, Kohinoor of India.”


Shri Uddhavji Maharaj, Warkari Sect. (Maharashtra): “Our beloved Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu is a revolutionary saint and is revered across the globe.”


 Acharya Swami Shri Rameshanandji

Acharya Swami Shri Rameshanandji, Vrindavan: “The Knowledge of Dharma was disseminated and the glory of Dharma was revealed by Pujya Bapuji not only in India but also in other countries. Inspite of His advanced age, Pujya Bapuji is untiringly engaged in this pious task. I have no words to praise His efforts.”


Leading ascetic, Shri Vamdevji Maharaj: “The highest number of people come and listen to Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu. The reason is that He possesses the magic of the Lord’s name, guileless behaviour, sweet affectionate eloquence, and on top of all, the answers to the fundamental questions of life.”


 Sadhvi Ritambharaji

Revolutionary Speaker Sadhvi Ritambharaji: “I pay obeisances to supremely revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu, who has carried forward the Bhakti-Ganga(the holy river) not only in India but throughout the world.”

 Ms. Kanakeshwari Devi

Renowned Religious Narrator Ms. Kanakeshwari Devi: “Only when Gods supreme grace is coupled with religious merits accumulated over a number of past births does one get to listen to the divine satsanga on Self-knowledge, as rendered by revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu.”


Dr. Suman, Hindu Jagaran Manch (former pastor, Robert Solomon, Indonesia): “I travelled to various places and everywhere I found people involved in great perseverance to catch hold of God- but when I reached here to Bapuji, I felt as if the God himself has caught hold of me.”

It is notable that on 29th janjuary, 2009, a grand conference of saints was held in Mumbai, in which the leading saints of almost each and every organization and institution of the country were present. District Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Mahamandaleshwar, Mahant (refers to head of their individual organizations), Jain seers, saints of the Buddhist community, etc. also showed their presence. The leaders and representatives of the following organizations: …Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad, Akhil Bhartiya Sadhu Samaj, Sant Samiti, Antarrashtriya Ramsnehi Sampraday, Ramjanmbhumi Nyas, Acharya Sabha, Parmarth Niketan, Krishnapranami Sampraday, Varkari Sampraday, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh etc., unanimously chose the world-revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu, as the Chairman of the conference and expressed their faith in and affection for Him.

When the anti-social elements, opposed to the indian culture, were trying to mislead the society by the spreading evilreports regarding the Ashram, then various saints and social welfare organizations joined hands and vehemently opposed it through organization of conferences and rallies at different places. The officers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Gayatri Pariwar, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Ramsetu Raksha Manch, Brahma Samaj, Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Bhartiya Kisan Sangh along with various other religious and social organizations, were a part of these opposition campaigns.