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 Spiritual Questions Answered by Pujya Bapuji  

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When Pujya Bapuji will bless us by Mantra-Diksha?

 Answer: Pujya Bapuji gives Mantra Diksha on last day of almost every Satsang program or Shivir (Camp). To know Pujya Bapuji's schedule please check http://www.ashram.org/  . 

Please check Mantradiksha page for more details

Books:- Mantrajaap Mahima evam Anushthaan vidhi (1-2) , Ishtasiddhi, Bhagwannam Jap Mahima.

Audio Cassettes:- MantraDiksha 1-5 

How to go to shivir? and What has to be followed in Shivir?
Click here to know about Shivir Details

What is pranayam and instructions on how to do it?
Click here for the Pranayam instructions.

Can you elaborate on seva and its significance?
Click here to know about Seva Significance

I want to do seva but I do not know where to start?
Click here for Seva Opportunities

List the ashram books where I can more details about mantra? 

1. Bhagwannam Jap Mahima
2. Ishtasiddhi
3. Mantrajaap Mahima evam Anushthan Vidhi
Click here for Mantras for various difficulties

List the ashram books where I can more details about Health?
1. Arogyanidhi-1,2
2. Nirogta ka Sadhan
Click here for Health Tips

 Can you give us health tips bapuji mentioned in satsang?
Please refer Health tips page of our website

Can you tell some thing about Rishiprasad and how should I subscribe?
Click here to know more about RishiPrasad

Could you give me some details about ashram medicines and there benefits?
Click here for Ashram's various medicines- products

I want to join hariomgroup, can I? if yes how?
Answer: Yes you can ofcourse join group of followers of Pujya Bapuji-HariOmGroup. You can opt any of the following options to join hariomgroup

  1. Send a blank email to hariomgroup-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
  2. Give your email address in "Subscribe to HariOmGroup" form in home page.
An invitation email to join hariomgroup will be sent to you, accept that invitation, and you are done.

Can I join my friends also to hariomgroup?

Answer: Yes, you can fill your friend's email address in "Subscribe to HariOmGroup" form in home page. An invitation email to join hariomgroup will be sent to that email address,  if your friend accept that invitation, he will be joined to hariomgroup.

How to Download Audios?
Answer: Visit the download section ( www.hariomgroup.org/downloads ).Click on the audio link, now you are in the audio page. Just right click on the audio you want to download >>Save target as >>save it and the downloading will start.

How to Download Videos?
Answer: Currently Satsang Videos are only available for online watching on www.ashram.org and www.hariomgroup.org . But google videos are also available for download.

1) How to go to Shivir?
  •   Please Click here to know about Shivir details
  •   You can also keep checking Bapuji schedule posted in the link below to know the Shivir details. The phone numbers and address will be listed in the contact details.
2) What are the Seva activities ashram conducts?
Please visit www.ashram.org and click on Ashram Care from the left menu to see the Snap Shot of all the humanitarian activities conducted by the Ashram.

A brief description about the Seva Activities ashram conducts can also be found at :

3) Can you tell some thing about Rishiprasad and how should I subscribe?
Rishi Prasad is a monthly spiritual magazine, which publishes the excerpts from the satsang of Shri Asaramji Bapu.

     The objective of the magazine is to reach out to the people who like reading good literature, and have a thirst for knowledge. Rishi Prasad is published in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Telugu, Kannada, and  Marathi etc by Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu Ashram, Amdavad, India.
  To subscribe to the Rishi Prasad, please contact your local Samithi, they will get you subscribed .Click here and navigate through the right menu options to find your Samithi contact details.

4) What are the Subscription plans and Rates for Rishiprasad?

  • Please Click here to see the subscription plans and rates for Rishiprasad
5) Where can I find the Online version of Rishi Prasad?

  • Please Click here to read the online version of Rishi Prasad

6) Can I know more about the Bal Sanskar Kendra?

  •  Please Click here to know all the details of Bal Sanskar Kendra

7) What is the typical class format a Bal Sanskar Kendra can follow?

  • Please Click here  for the detailed information to know the typical classes format a Bal Sanskar Kendra can follow.
8) Where can we find the information about the Balsanskar Vidyarthi Shivirs?

  •  Please Click here and scroll down a little to find out all Balsanskar Vidyarthi Shivirs

Where can I see photos & videos of BSK programs/events?


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Sadhna Related FAQ's

1) What are the benefits of attending Satsang?

Some words about Satsang from Pujya Bapuji : "Regular listening to satsang is immensely beneficial. If you regularly listen to satsang, your mind will neither go astray nor engage in futile thoughts. It will be saved from Manoraj. And the biggest benefit of all is that the mind will be ever engaged in the thoughts that are inculcated by satsang. Constant reflection on satsang will naturally kindle dispassion and discrimination in your mind, and protect it from petty desires and attractions. Regular contemplation on the thoughts imbibed in satsang not only protects the mind and intellect from a possible downfall, but also helps them become established in the Supreme Consciousness. The more you assimilate the teachings of satsang, the more you will be elevated from this earthly existence towards divinity. Even a person who is not a sadhak, but regularly listens to satsang and reflects thereon, can become an excellent sadhak and even realize God, the Supreme Being. The bliss and peace that blossom in the heart as a result of listening to satsang are infinitely superior to even the pleasures of the heavens."
2) What is the meaning of Guru and why we need Guru?

  • Watch this video of Bapuji describing about Guru :

  • Please read and listen to the online version of Shri Guru Gita Narrated by Lord Shiva to Maa Parvati to know the significance of Guru.

3) What is Mantra Diksha and What are its benefits?
  •  Please Click  here to know about Mantra Diksha

  • Watch these online Satsang Videos of Pujya Bapuji : Mantra Diksha se Jeevan Vikas

  • Also listen to the audios MantraDiksha 1&2 for more knowledge about the Mantra Diksha.

What are the qualities sadhak/sadhikas should have to increase their sadhana?

  •  Regular study of the scriptures: Everyday, even if it is only for a little while, Listen to Satsang daily, study the biographies of God-realized saints , and the scriptures that encourage you towards God-realization.
  • Balanced diet and judicious fasting: Neither should you starve nor should you over-eat. Neither should you neither eat on all thirty days of the month nor fast for ten days at a stretch. Do not fast if you are a diabetic. If you are obese but otherwise healthy, undertake fasting four times a month. If you are healthy, but not obese, fast twice a month as per your constitution.
  •  Prudent selfless seva: Seva has its own joy, its own generosity (nobility), virtue and salutary impact. Whether you are in the material world or in the spiritual one, progress is impossible without seva. In the material world, if you serve only ostentatiously, your achievements will also be apparent, not real. If you serve sincerely in the spiritual world, your progress will be genuine. Therefore, seva should be for the sake of seva, not for pretentiousness, not for acclaim, but rather to open the doors to the hidden treasure of bliss that is ever present in your heart.
  •  Regular practice of meditation and Self-inquiry.
  • Surrender to God: Totally surrender your I (ego) to the Lord, Who is the primeval source of the entire creation, He, who creates, sustains and destroys the universe.

5) What are the qualities of Satshisya(True disciple)?
   For a Satshisya(True disciple) three things are essential
  1. Self-surrender unto God and a God -realized saint
  2. The desire for emancipation (Liberation)
  3. Elevating one's mind according to the dictates of scriptures and Self-realized souls

 For more detailed answer, listen to the Audio satsang of Pujya Bapuji Satshisya ke liye, He Mere Sadhak located at

6) What is the ultimate goal of our life?

 Ultimate goal for a Human Life is Self realization : It is to acquire true devotion, perfect happiness, supreme bliss and satisfaction in life time (while still living in this ever changing world full of troubles and mysteries) and freedom after death.
Refer : www.ashram.org

7) How should I control anger?

     Anger is the most dangerous and detrimental to Sadhana. If a thief enters a house, some items (furniture etc.) still remain un-stolen. But if a house catches fire, everything is reduced to ashes. If the fire of anger overtakes our mind, our entire treasures of Japas, Tapas and virtues are destroyed. Therefore, beware of anger. It is all right to act out anger, but be alert not to allow it to possess you.

  • Do not eat hurriedly. Take at least 25 minutes to eat and chew your food properly. If you find it difficult to ward off anger, press your tips of the fingers into your palms making a fist. Eat sattvic food. Stay away from garlic, red chilies, and fried foods.
  • If you want to be happy and cheerful take a mixture of following contents every morning: 10 g Honey, 1 glass of water, 5 to 10 Indian Basil (Tulsi) leaves and Sant Kripa Churna (From Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram). If the churna or Tulsi are not available, honey alone will do.
  • When you are angry, see yourself in the mirror.
  •  Chant " Hari Om Shanti" many times until your anger is warded off.

8) How should I control senses?
        The senses tend to drag the mind towards the world, and the mind fools the intellect and makes it stray from its course. The poor intellect, if it is not cultured by japa of the Lord's name, meditation on the Lord and prayer, gets dragged along with the mind and keeps wandering hither and thither till eternity.

     If the intellect gets purified through prayer and devotion to the Lord, discrimination will dawn; and then it will say," What in the end shall I gain by satisfying my palate or fulfilling other desires?
It will not become a slave to the mind.

   Ask yourself again and again " What in the end shall I gain from this?
This will make your intellect strong and the resolves and counter-resolves of the mind will be reduced. Your mind and your intellect will then be at rest.

What is the difference between vasana (desire) and uddeshya (purpose)?
  •  Listen to this Audio Vasana Aur Uddeshya me fark 1& 2 available at this below link audio

Why should one not eat during Sandhya Timings?
    We should not consume any thing during Sandhya Timings, and try to engage ourselves in Japa-Dhyan-Pranayam. At Sandhya as said by Pujya Bapuji Tamasik vibrations are active, so one should be engaged in japa-dhyan-pranayam otherwise that Tamasik vibrations can affect intellect and we can take wrong decisions. Hence Pujya Bapuji asked not to make any decision in Sandhya. Tamasik vibrations can include bacteria's/viruses etc.,  At the time of Sandhya we do Shankhnaad and Dhoop-deep, by this air is refreshed again. In sandhya our Sushumna is open- and our mind is at like hot wax state, any color that is poured in hot wax, becomes the color of wax itself, similarly whatever we do at the time of sandhya is deeply craved as sanskars, and so as our mind then. 
Refer:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HariomGroup/message/8936
11)   What is the significance of Trikaal Sandhya?
      In order to make life brighter, successful and progressive, one must do Trikaal Sandhya. ten minutes before & ten minutes after the sunrise, ten minutes before & after noon, and ten minutes before & after sunset are considered to be very auspicious. Meditation, japa (repetition of the Holy Name), Pranayaam done at this time is very helpful in opening doors of the Sushumna. The dormant energies and strength of a human being is awakened as soon as the doors of the Sushumna is opened.

12) What is Pranayam? What are its benefits

Control of breath is called Pranayam.
 Benefits: Pranayam is said to be panacea for all diseases. Pranayam augments our life force wonderfully.

Click here and read Useful Pranayams (Hindi) and Pranayam Therapy: An Instant Panacea articles.

How to do Anulom Vilom Pranayam?

     Close your right nasal with thumb and take deep breath in from left nasal. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, and do Jap of Guru Mantra. Now open right nasal, and close left nasal with middle/ring finger, and breathe out from right nasal. Now repeat the same process starting with the right nasal. Close your left nasal with thumb and take deep breath in from right nasal. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, and do Jap of Guru Mantra.

Now open left nasal, and close right nasal with middle/ring finger, and breathe out from left nasal. This constitutes 1 pranayaam. Do keep in mind that when doing pranayams that you do not do 8 pranayams one day and 6 pranayams the next day. The same number of pranayams must be done daily, and the number can be increased but cannot be decreased. We should do a maximum of 10 pranayams in a day.
Please Refer:: www.hariomgroup.org.

How to do Tribandh Pranayam?
   One has to Practice Tribandh pranayam sitting in one of these yogic postures: Padmaasana, Siddhasana, Swastikasana or Sukhasana. First do Mool Bandha, then Uddiyan Bandha, and finally Jaalandhar Bandha. You will notice the difference in just 3 days' time. Subsequently, the number of pranayams should never be reduced from one day to another. You should never do 10 pranayams on one day, followed by 15 on the second day, and 11 on the third day. Do the same number of pranayams regularly everyday.

Watch this video of Pujya Bapuji teaching how to do Tribandh Pranayam :

Please Click here to know for the process of Tribandh.

15) What are the auspicious days to perform Anusthan?

           One can perform Anusthan on of these days of a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and On these tithis: Dooj, teej, panchmi, Saptmi, Dashmi, Dwadashi(after ekadashi) and tryodashi. (2, 3,5,7,10,12 and 13).

         By starting Anusthan in combination of these days and thitis one will not have any obstacle, and the resolution will be completed.
Please Refer to this  Link

Can you please explain the procedure of 
Saraswatya Mantra Anusthan ?

     Please click here to know about
Saraswatya Mantra Anusthan

17) What is the procedure for Asaramayan Anusthan vidi?
    Please Click hereto know about Asaramayan Anusthan vidi.

) Can I know some
Spiritual upliftment tips?
  •  Do japa of any God's Name, 1st 4 min. in lips, then 2 mins.in throat, then 2 mins. in heart, then do nothing for 2 mins, be silent. If done 3-4 times daily this 10 min. course, one will fly in Spiritual journey
  •  Pujya Bapuji has asked us to chant "AUM" Mantra for 108 times while gazing at a small bowl of water, then drink that water. It will help us in our spiritual upliftment.

19) What instructions do I have to follow while eating food and What mantra should I chant before eating food?
  • Before eating food, one should wash their hands and eat meal in silence facing east or north.
  • One should have their food as Prasad. The food should be wholesome, easily digestible and sattvic food. Prior taking a meal:
  •  One should chant the following sloka:
      "Haridata Harirbhokta Hariannam Prajapatih Harih Sarvasarisasto Bhukte Bhojayate Harih"

  • Read the 15th chapter of the Srimad Bhagwad Gita if possible. You can find it here
  •  Offer 5 oblations to the pranas with the below mantras:
  Om Pranaya Swaha, Om Apanaya Swaha, Om Udanaya Swaha, Om Vyanaya Swaha , Om Samanaya Swaha

Click here to veiw the picture

What to do if I Sneeze, Cough etc while doing Mantra Jap?
 Chant 7 times by prefixing and suffixing OM to the Guru Mantra, Do not consider this Mala (in which you got sneeze, cough etc) in the count of malas you do daily.
   Please Refer::  Mantra-jaap mahima Book -1 - 2
21) What days are extremely harmful for Copulation?

  Pujya Bapuji said to Abstain from indulging in copulation with your spouse on Amavasyaa, Poornima, Ekadashi and Ashtami. Copulation should be done to beget progeny and not for sensual pleasure .

22)  What is meant by Tratak?
 To look with a constant gaze without blinking the eye lids, is called Tratak.
  Please Cilck here to veiw the picture

23) I want to do seva but I do not know where to start?

    Please Click here to see the seva opportunities that are available,
  If you are interested in taking part in a seva listed there and also if you have any ideas of seva, Please email to hariomgroup@gmail.com  .A Guru-bhai\Seva coordinator will assist you.

24) Can you elaborate on seva and its significance?
       Seva has its own joy, its own generosity (nobility), virtue and salutary impact. Whether you are in the material world or in the spiritual one, progress is impossible without seva. In the material world, if you serve only ostentatiously, your achievements will also be apparent, not real. If you serve sincerely in the spiritual world, your progress will be genuine. Therefore, seva should be for the sake of seva, not for pretentiousness, not for acclaim, but rather to open the doors to the hidden of bliss that is ever present in your heart.
Please Refer:: www.ashram.org

25) How can I start Bal Sanskar Kendra?

  • Read the ashram published book 'Balsanskar kaise Chalayen? 'The online version of the book is available here
  • Please Click here to find all the most frequently asked questions about Bal Sanskar Kendra

26) Is there a way to get Daily message / Ringtone of Bapuji through SMS?
    Please  Click here to get Daily message / Ringtone of Bapuji through SMS.

27) Where can I find Wallpapers and Pictures of Pujya Bapuji?
   Please Click here to find the wallpapers and pictures of Pujya Bapuji.

28) Where can I find the lyrics of Bhajans of Pujya Bapuji and Sureshanandji?
   Please Click here on this link for lyrics of bhajans. 

29) What is the Significance of Vad-Dada tree and how to do parikrama?
   His Holiness Bapuji has blessed these rare trees with shaktipath, transmission of the divine spiritual energy. Because of this invaluable possession, lakhs and lakhs of devotees have been able to fulfil their desires by just taking seven rounds around these trees with utmost faith and devotion, then followed by quite meditation in a nearby shed or hall. You too can fulfil your wish(es) for fame, fortune, health, childbirth, peace of mind and most important of all 'God Realisation' here. Take maximum advantage of this spiritually charged environment full of divine love towards the ultimate goal of self enlightenment.

30) How to do Surya-Namaskar?
     Please Click here to veiw the picture describing how to do Surya-Namaskar.

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1) Why should we Worship Sun-God and What Mantra has to be recited to Sun-God?

          The sun is the presiding deity of the intellect, In the morning offering water to the Sun-God by lifting both the arms up and reciting the below Surya�Gayatri Mantra, Sun-bathing for 8-10 minutes and  by practicing SuryaNamaskara increases the brain power , Memory power , concentration and intellectual power. It also improves eyesight and increases lustre and vigor.

   Surya�Gayatri Mantra: "Om Aadityaay Vidmahe Bhaaskaraaye Dheemahi Tanno Bhaanu Prachodayaat "
Please view images :

2)  Why should one Consume Tulsi?
        Daily consumption of Tulsi brings about a remarkable development in memory power, eliminates intestinal worms, increases the digestive fire, alleviates cold, fever, malaria and prevents diseases like cancer. Therefore, except on Sundays, we should eat 5-7 Tulsi leaves daily in the morning and drink water after that. Tulsi leaves should not be plucked on Purnima, Amavasya and the twelfth lunar day and Sundays.
Please view this Image

3)  Why should we Worship the Pipal tree?

       The practice of offering water to the Pipal tree everyday, circumambulating, touching and paying obeisance to it increases the body's immunity against diseases and purifies the mind. One undergoes a positive change in the thoughts. Even a dullest child begins to gain in intelligence. Girls and women should not touch the pipal tree, but may pay there obeisance from a distance. It is forbidden to touch and offer water to the pipal tree on Sundays.Watering the sacred fig (peepal) removes poverty and accrues the merits. Planting a sacred fig accrues the merits, and by cutting it, one incurs sin upon himself. A sacred fig, planted in the west side of a house, purifies the air and bestows the house with health, wealth and happiness.

Please view this  Image

4)  Why should Tilak be applied?

   A Tilak applied to the forehead between the eyebrows, where the Ajna Chakra (Shiv Netra) is located, stimulates two endocrine glands in the region � the pineal and pituitary glands. It also helps develop the Ajna chakra as well as the power of Discrimination. The acts like taking a bath, charity, penance, fire sacrifice, worship of deities, obsequies rites for the manes all turn abortive without applying Tilak on the forehead. Tilak can be applied by using any of these - Kumkum, Sindoor, Chandan and soil of Tulsi Plant.
 Please view this Image
5). Why should we do Namaskar?
      By doing Namaskara, egoism is reduced, the anthakarna becomes pure and the spirit of surrender manifests. Therefore, we should not fritter away our vital energy by shaking hands, but should promote good-will by doing namaskara.
Please view this Image
6) Why should one wake-up early in the morning?
      The practice of waking up of the Brahmamuhurta increases longevity develops intellect, vigor and physical health. Whereas, sleeping even after sunrise increases laziness, negligence, inertia, dullness and decreases longevity and can have bad-effects on health.
    Please view this Image
7) What is the significance of Cow's Milk?

      Cow's milk contains 21 amino acids including all the essential ones. The cerebrocydes present in the milk nourish the brain. Anti-cancer elements such as M.D.G.I protein and conjugated linoleic acid (C.L.A) are also found it. Cow's milk is extremely palatable, unctuous, mild, sweet and haematinic. It increases vigour and intellect and is an instant semen promoting rasayana. The milk of Desi Cow alone is beneficial. It is said in God's creation, Cow's milk and ghee are considered the best of all.

Please view this Image
8) Why shouldn't we use Lip-sticks, Perfumes and other cosmetics?
    Cosmetics and Lipsticks are made by grinding the beautiful eyes and liver of small lemurs, animal fats, petrochemicals and other extremely harmful substances. In manufacturing a Perfume, an animal named Bijju is first canned to extract an aromatic substance from its sexual gland.

Please view this
9) Why should one avoid Fast-Foods?
     Fast-Foods like bread, pizza , burger , biscuits and bakery items made from refined flour , yeast etc remain deposited in the intestines, this results in constipation , dyspepsia, flatulence, indigestion, obesity , heart diseases, diabetes, intestinal diseases etc.

 Refer::BSK website
10) Why should one avoid Ice-creams?
    Ice-creams contains pepronil which is an insecticide, Ethyl Acetate (which is very harmful to kidneys, lungs and heart) and other such harmful chemicals and also many commercial ice creams contain 6% of animal fats.

BSK website
11) Why should one avoid Non-Vegetarian foods?
    Non-Vegetarian foods invite serious diseases. Eggs contain live chicken in the making state; chicken is killed when the eggs are consumed. High cholesterol levels are found in the egg-yolks which can lead to heart attack.DDT present in eggs cause's diseases like cancer. Non-Vegetarian foods can cause cancer, heart diseases, skin diseases and kidney related disorders.

Please Refer this Image
12) Why should one avoid Chocolates?
    Chocolates contain phenyl, ethylamine, Xanthese, thybromine that causes diseases like tooth-decay, diabetes and cancer.

Please Refer::
BSK website
13) Why should one avoid Cool drinks?
    Cool drinks contains caffeine, Cocaine, alcohol, Potassium benzoate , phosphoric acid , consumption of this leads to bone-decay, obesity , kidney stones and other dangerous diseases.

Please Refer this Image

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1) Can you give us Health tips Bapuji mentioned in Satsang?

  • Please Click here to find some of the health tips provided by Bapuji.

2 ) What  instructions have to be followed during pregnancy? What ashram medicines will help during and after pregnancy?

  • Pregnant lady should try to avoid surgery for delivery of the child.

  •  If doctor says the baby in the womb is weak, don't do abortion. Take 1-2 tablets of Suvarna Prash / Basma( Available in Ashram Stores).

  •  Take a spoon of 10 to12 milligrams of Gobar ka Ras and gazing at the Ras chant 21 times "Narayan Narayan" and have it , baby will be delivered within 1 hr, if it is still a problem have to take Gobar Ras again after 2 hrs.

  • While the pregnant lady is having delivery pains, the family members should read Guru Gita that will result in an easy delivery of a child.

  • Before giving birth to the child, instruct your Doctor/Nurse not to cut the umbilical cord no before than 4 min after the birth so that the child will be brave and intelligent.

  •  The father should take the child in his arms and chant "OM" 21 times in his/her ear and chant "Om Asma bhava" " Om Parashu bhava" and "Om Hiranamastu bhava ". After that mix ghee and honey in 1:4 proportions and   with a gold needle write on the child's tongue "OM" and then after child can have the mother's milk.

  •  During pregnancy period if the pregnant lady listens to Satsang, Bhajan and Kirtan, it will have a very good effect on the baby. Listen to Kirtans likeRam Raghav Ram Raghav Rakshamaam, Krishna Keshav Krishna Keshav Paahimaam.

  •  Drinking fresh Desi Cow's milk without warming as it is very helpful in having very healthy and very high complexion child. Never drink Coffee or Tea during pregnancy.

  • Ashram medicines that will help during and after pregnancy: 

  • Sitopaladi Choorna: If taken during the first trimester of pregnancy, this Choorna enhances the health and vitality of the fetus. Dosage: Two to four grams, twice daily with honey
  • Sunti Pak : Lord Shiva had told the importance of this to Maa Parvati .Regular intake of this will help to increase Strength, Radiance, Intellect, Memory, beauty. This is a very big boon for Ladies especially Post pregnancy
  • Suvarna Prash : has to be taken by both the mother and the child. Dosage is given on the bottle.
  • Just wear an amulet having in it the mantra, 'tam'(टं) written eleven times on a piece of paper. This helps in cases of deficiency of calcium, poor lactation among women and also comes in handy in soothing a fretting child.


3) What is the remedy for Cancer?
The following instructions can be used for remedy for Cancer :
  •  Take 10 Gms. Of Tulsi (Holy Basil of India) juice mixed with 5 Gms of pure honey in the morning & evening, And in the afternoon take 10gms of Tulsi juice mixed with 50 gms of freshly prepared curd (yogurt) regularly.
  •   Have Vajra-Bhasma Tablet available from Ashram
  •  It is beneficial to wear a Tulsi mala (garland made of Tulsi beads) & to keep the plant of Tulsi in the patient's room.
  • Crush 4 cloves and boil it in a vessel full of water till only half the water is left. Only this water should be used by the patient for drinking.
  •  Moong (green gram) should be included in the diet. This routine should be maintained for a period of six months. 

4) Could you give me some details about Ashram medicines and there benefits?
  •  Please Click here to find all the ashram medicines.
  •   Also  Click here to find find all the Ashram Products.

5) What should I do if I am feeling very weak and tired with the increasing age?
  •    In the night, clean 2 kishmish and place in a bowl and add few drops of lemon juice and let it soak whole night, in the morning after brushing teeth, drink the  juice along with kishmish. One will regain lot of strength and energy by doing this.
Note: Always clean the kishmish before eating

6)  List the Ashram books where I can find more details about Health?

  • Arogyanidhi part 1 & Part 2
  • Nirogta ka Sadhan

7) Where can we find information about Mudras?
  •  Please Click here for the information about Mudras and its benefits

  •  Please  Click here to find few more Yogic Mudras .

  • Please Click here  and Read the article : Beneficial Mudras

For all other kinds of Mudras, Please refer to Ashram published books "Yogasana and Arogyanidhi."

8) What are the tips for the remedy of High Blood Pressure?

     The following techniques are useful for Curing High BP:

  • One should say the mantra, Om Shanti, every time one eats meals or drinks anything. One should say this mantra before, during & after eating/drinking.
  •  Soak one raisin (kishmish) overnight in pure rose water. Eat it empty stomach the next day. Soak 2 raisins on the second day, 3 raisins on the third day & keep on     increasing the number for 21 days. That means one should soak 21 raisins on the 21st day. If you do not get pure rose water, then prepare it at home by boiling 1 kg of rose petals (Desi gulab) in 1 liter of water & then filtering it using a fine cloth. To make sure that high blood pressure is cured permanently, one should repeat this course again after a month.Please refer to March 2008 Rishi Prasad magazine[published from Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu Ashram], for Mantras for curing various diseases.
 Please Refer to this Link

9) What Ashram product should I use for Skin-problems caused by hot-sun?
  • Using face pack - Saundarya nikhaar (Available in Ashram stalls) mixed with rose water will help in skin problems.
Please Refer::  Arogyanidhi part 1 & Part 2

10) Can you please tell me some tips on how to increase Weight?
Following techniques can be used for increasing weight:
  •  Mix Tulsi powder and Alma churn available at ashram stores with water and make it small rounds and have them.
  •  Practice Bramhacharya and have milk with banana morning and evening.
   Please Refer:: Arogyanidhi part 1 & Part 2

11) What is the remedy for Depression?

  1. Tribandh Pranayam (refer to  Sadhana Related FAQ no : 14 ) and do Hasya Prayog.
  2. Read Jeevan Rasayan and Nirbay Naad books available at Ashram Stores.
Please Refer to this Link

What are the contact details of Ashram vaidy (Doctor)?
  Amdavad Ashram Doctor phone number is : 079-27505010-11

     13 ) What is the Remedy for Hair Loss and Gray Hair?

  •          Apply Amla powder with water to the hair and leave it for sometime and take bath. It avoids hair from turning grey.
  •    Use Ashram Hair oil �Amla Bringraaj Oil
  •    Take Chyawanpraash in morning and Amla-Mishri Powder (available in ashram Stalls) 30 min. before going to bed.

Note:- Milk should not be taken 2 hours before and after taking the Amla or Amla-Mishri Powder.

14) What is the remedy for stammering speech (Haklahat) problem?

    Following techniques can be used for stammering speech problem:
  • Take one shankh, wash it and fill it with water. Keep it overnight and drink this water in morning after daily japa etc. this will help in reducing your problem.

 Refer to this Link
15) What Ashram medicines are helpful in curing Diabetes?
  • Diabetes tablets and Gaujharan (both available at ashram stalls) helps in curing Diabetes.

  • Please refer to the ashram published book Arogyanidhi part 1 & Part 2 for more remedies to Diabetes.
Please Refer to this Link
16) What is the Remedy for Asthma/ Bronchitis?
 Following techniques can be used for the remedy of Asthma:

  •  Mix the powder of dried peepal leaves with honey and have it.
  •  Chanting 'OM' also helps in curing Asthma.
  •  If one does Pranayam daily Asthma cannot withstand.
 Please Refer to this Link
17) What is the remedy for kidney problems?
  • Watch this Video of Bapuji describing about kidney problems

  • Take the 50 Gms of the natural hair that covers the Corn and Mix with 2 litres of water and boil it in low flame until it becomes 1 litre. And then drink this 1 litre of water on one day in regular intervals. It gives lot of relief in all kidney related problems.
Please Refer to this link

What is the remedy for Gas problems ?
Following techniques can be used for the remedy of Gas problems:
  • The cholesterol value doesn't go up by drinking Cow's milk; Cow's milk is Indeed a medicine to reduce the gas problems.
  • Desi Mango is good in reducing the gas problems, increasing digestion problems and warding off the old age.
  • It's common that almost everyone will have some kind of gas problems at old age; there are 52 kinds of diseases that are caused by Gas problems along with knee pains. There is a natural treatment for this: - Take tender neem leaves 12 to 15 gms + 1-2 pepper, Chew it properly and drink water after that. In the night eat 50 gms of Jaggery + 10 gms of Desi ghee.
  • Doing Japa of mantra "Bam Bam" for 125 Lacks on Shivratri, it relieves from gas related problems

What is the procedure Pujya Bapuji said to have Pure Air in the house?
  •   Bapuji Said : "Pure Air is the most essential thing for a human body.  Do 'Dhoop' of Cow Dung Patties (Kanda) by adding tea-spoon of Cow's ghee in it, the home environment becomes very healthy and powerful."

What are the benefits of Amla?
  •  By drinking Amla juice or eating small rounds of Amla powder , Stomach disorders will vanish. If Amla juice is taken for 7 consecutive days, Mooladhar Kendra will be purified and keeps the body healthy. While doing Anusthan, drinking amla juice as breakfast in the morning for 5-7 days, will keep all the veins (naadi) pure.

What is the remedy for Cold (sardi)?
  • Close your left nasal and take deep breath in from right nasal. Hold your breath for 60 seconds, and do Jap of 'Rum Rum'. Now open right nasal. Repeat the same procedure for 5 times, and continue doing it in frequent intervals during the day without use of any medicines cold will disappear.
22) Can you tell me the remedy for Cough (kapha)?
  • The following technique is helpful, if thick mucus is formed due to cough  : Mix 50 grams of honey (honey), 50 grams of garlic (garlic), 1 gram of Tulsi ke beej (basil seeds) and make it like chutney and have it heart will be stronger, also cough will be relieved.
  • Please watch this Video of Bapuji describing remedy for Cough Problems

What is remedy for Heart Blockage Problem?
  • Bapuji Said "If doctor says it's Emergency and operation has to be done immediately for this problem, do not do it. Contact Ashram Doctor and take medicine from him. if it is not possible to go to Ashram, take Cow's urine 40-50 gms, filter it and drink it. The blockage will open by itself and the heart problem will be solved.

24) What is the remedy for Insomnia (Lack of proper sleep)?
  • These techniques can be used: Burn 60 grams of mustard oil and 1 gram Kapoor (2 small Kapoor) together in the house and do Guggal Dhoop, Add bit of 2 small Kapoor in water and spray around the house.

What is the Remedy for Migraine problem?
  • Have a small drop of cow's Ghee in the nostrils and do naadi shodhan pranayam. Inhale from left nostril, retain, exhale [1:4:2 ratio] from the right and reverse the process, this completes one pranayam. Perform 5 to 10 pranayam daily and increase gradually based on your stamina.This will give relief in Migraine problems.

  •   Early in the morning take one glass of normal hot water add one spoon honey and one lime and drik hot at least for 11 days repeat it eaveing also before one hour from dinner
  • Do shavasan at leat two times in a day it will relex your mind and help to cure Migraine head aches

  • Lay down on the bed and slowly chant the " om shanti " om shanti " and then relax and again repeat at least two to three times and think that your all body is relaxing

26) What is the Remedy for Tension?
  • Do these mantras Jap on Amavasya and Purnima :Om Parmantmanay Namah, Om Gurubhyo Namah, Tam Tam
  • Do Hasya Prayog to remove Tension.

7) What Prayanam do I have to do get  relief from tiredness\Fatigue of the body?

  • Take deep breath from both the nasals and hold your breath and do Jap of Guru Mantra, Now breathe out from right  nasal. Do this 10 times and tiredness will disappear.

28)  What is the remedy for Arthiritis
pain, Headaches and other pains?

      The following technique removes Arthiritis pain, Headaches and other pains:
       If you have pain in any part of body the following mantra has miraculous effects, apart from health it is also very good for maintaining beauty.

    The method to follow : Rub your both the palms with full concentration and purity of mind while chanting this below mantra and then put the warm palms on the affected part for five minutes and massage, Affter that close your eyes and relax for some time. It removes arthiritis pain headaches and other pains.
Mantra is : Ayam me hasto bhagvanayam me bhagvattarah
Ayam me vishvabheshjoyam shivabhimsharan.

This mantra can be chanted also at night before going to sleep and in the morning after get ting up. Rub your palms while chanting the mantra and message your face arms shoulders stomach chest legs (the whole body) with warm palms, this improves your health and beauty

Please Refer:: Arogyanidhi Part 1

29) What Health and Food precautions have to be taken during different seasons?

  • Summer (Grishma) Season: Click here  and scroll down, you will find a table with name Health Care according to Seasons, click on the Summer (Grishma) season to find all the Health and Food precautions to be taken during summer.

  • Dewy (Shishir) season :      Click here  and scroll down, you will find a table with  name Health Care according to Seasons, click on the Dewy (Shishir) season to find all the Health and Food precautions.
  • Spring (Vasant) season :    Click here and scroll down, you will find a table with name Health Care according to Seasons, click on the Spring (Vasant) season to find all the Health and Food precautions.

  • Rainy (Varsha) season :      Click here and scroll down, you will find a table with  name Health Care according to Seasons, click on the Rainy (Varsha) season to find all the Health and Food precautions.

  • Autumn (Sharad) season : Click here and scroll down, you will find a table with  name Health Care according to Seasons, click on the Autumn (Sharad) season to find all the Health and Food precautions.

  • Winter (Hemant) season : Click here  and scroll down, you will find a table with name Health Care according to Seasons, click on the Winter (Hemant) season to find all the Health and Food precautions.

30) What  is the remedy for thyroid disorders?

  • To avoid thyroid disease, take a deep breath with the lips closed and chant 'OM' from the larynx (the organ of voice production, containing the vocal cords i.e.; throat) while nodding up and down repeatedly without flexing the neck. This completely eliminates thyroid disorders and keeps mind well concentrated for mediation, devotion and studies.

       Please click here to view the picture and see Tanka Vidya.

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1)  Where can I find all Household tips Bapuji gives during Satsangs?

  Please click here for all Household tips.

2) What instructions have to be followed to beget bright Children?
  • For English Version Please Click here and go to page 22 for the section 'Steps to a Successful life: How to Beget Bright Children'

  • For Hindi version, Please Click here and in there find the 'For Uttam Santhanprapthi' Article.


What should I do if I have lot of Fights\Quarrels\Disturbances at home?

         Watch this Video of Bapuji providing the aution for fights and distrubances in house 
  • Place a jug of water below the bed where the head of the family sleeps overnight , in the next morning do Guru Mantra Jap and offer the jug of water to Peepal tree. All the disturbances will be vanished soon.
  •  Take a group photo of whole family with smiling faces and place that photo in the south direction of the house. The fights and disturbances will reduce.

4) What should I do if Vaastu of my house is not good?
  • Use Swastik Prasad to ward off Vaastu Dosha. Swastik should be changed every 6-8 months.
Watch this onlineVideo of Pujya Bapuji about Vastu Dosh
  • If your house or shop faces towards South, Place a Mango plant in a Plant container / Pot near the door and do Guru Mantra Jap.

5) What are some of the useful household tips Sureshanandji Maharaj told in Satsang?

  1. One should not sleep near the place where un-cleaned utensils exist/ are kept.
  1. The place where the Money / Jewelery are stored should be placed in between south and west corner, and the door should be opened towards east. It will be very much helpful in progress in financial aspects
  1. Always clean the kitchen before sleeping because kitchen is called "Annapoorna Ghar ". Never leave the utensils unclean in the night before sleeping.
  1. Place dustbin in some corner in the house where guests and other cannot see it very often.
  1. In Bathroom or Kitchen, if the Water Tap is leaking, it should be fixed immediately. If the water leaks,  money will also get wasted in the house.
  1. If your house or shop faces towards South, Place a Mango plant in a Plant container / Pot near the door. Water this plant daily, On Thursdays, take 8-10 chana dal, 8-10 rice grains and jaggery and offer to this mango plant. This is very meritful act and it also increases Guru-Bhakti. Mango plant is considered as symbol of Bhruspathi (the king of devathas) where as neem plant is considered as symbol of the Sun-god.
  1. On Saturday's offering mixture of Milk, Water, Jaggery and Black Sesame seeds to Peepal tree will gradually reduce the problems in Job/Business etc.
  1. The Statues of God placed in the house shouldn't be higher than 9 inches. The photos of the God's can be larger but not the statues more than or equal to 9 inches.
  1. Only one Shank should be placed in the house, more than one cause's fights in the house.
  1. Make Swastika 9 by 9 inches size with these 5 things- Gau-Mutra( Gau charn Ark available in ashram stores) , Ganga jal,  Haldi (Turmeric powder),  Kumkum , Gulab Jal(Rose Water) and place it in the Shop / House.Refer to this link : http://successful-life-tips.blogspot.com/2008/02/blog-post_1558.html
  1. If you think there are some evil / bad effects on persons in your house, go to terrace and cut the lemon in 4 parts (not like the way you cut regularly, cut it vertically in 4 parts ) and throw the right side lemon one to the left corner, left side to the right corner, front part of the lemon to the back corner and back part of the lemon to the front corner. Chant 'HariOm' while doing this.
  1. If you have problems / fights in house , During shukl paksh first friday mix turmeric powder in a bucket of water and do bath and facing towards north apply Kumkum and and chant 'Om Hreem Gau-r-yai Namah'
  1. If anyone is having problems with not getting married, every Tuesday eat food without salt and chant 'Om hum shri managalaya namah'
  1. If debts do Gajendra Moksh paath, and eat food every Tuesday without salt.
    15. For Peace and prosperity in house refer to http://successful-life-tips.blogspot.com/2008/02/blog-post_7507.html

Please Refer::
audio (Grihasth_mantras)

6) What are the Nine Kinds of Nectar a Householder should have?
In the Skanda Purana, it is said that a householder should always have nine kinds of nectar in his house. This makes his life happy, while possession of this divine wealth costs nothing.
1. The first thing - you should speak in a pleasant and delightful manner to anybody who comes to your house.

2. Secondly, look at him gently and kindly. Howsoever wicked and cruel he may be, he has come to your house as a guest, and in that, he is like a god,and hence, worthy of adoration. If you see divinity in the guest, your own divinity will be awakened.

3. Thirdly, treat him amiably and congenially, with your countenance reflecting friendship and goodwill.

4. The fourth thing is that your heart should be full of love and tenderness.

5. Fifthly, stand up and welcome him respectfully. Even if he is your sworn enemy, and loses no opportunity to insult you, your standing up to welcome him will soften him considerably. Instead if you chose to insult him by making a snide remark, and he returns home insulted, you have paved the way for being insulted even more venomously.

6. The sixth thing - say a few sweet words to welcome your guest, and offer a glass of water with something to eat.

7. The seventh thing is to have a friendly conversation with him making affectionate enquiries like, "You have been very kind to pay me a visit; tell me What I can do for you." etc.

8. The eighth thing is - sit with him for some time.

9. The ninth thing is that you should see him off by walking a few steps with him.

Whether the visitor is superior or inferior to you in any respect, bringing these nine nectars into practice will elevate you. Even the other person will leave with more respect for you in his heart.
On the other hand, if you make an ostentatious display of your wealth or furniture etc. or try to impress him with your social status, he may be mpressed by your wealth and power for a while, but he will not return home being a friend of yours. He will have only negative and malicious thoughts for you. Never commit the folly of trying to impress others with your wealth. It is not good to try to establish your superiority by boasting about yourself.
Please Refer:: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HariomGroup/message/7090

) Can you tell me the things Pujya Bapuji told in Satsang about Directions to be followed in the house?
(1) By performing aarthi, Puja facing towards West, happiness will go away

(2) By performing aarthi; Puja facing towards South, Diseases will come.
(3) Puja should be performed only facing North or East, Facing north there will be Spiritual progress while facing East there will be Worldly advancement and if you have 'Guru Mantra' both Spiritual and Worldly / Material advancement will be there facing East.
(4) Do not sleep with head facing north or West it causes Mental Tension, Lassitude and Abdominal diseases, while sleeping East or South one experiences profound peace, alertness and attains good health.

8) What procedure should I follow if I have high debts?

   These techniques are helpful in getting relief from high debts:

  • Eat food without salt on Tuesdays.
  • Do Gajendra Moksh path.
  • Do Jap of Sri Hari. As much as you can.

Watch these Satsang videos of Sureshanandji Maharaj describing the remedies to High Debts

Please Refer::

9) What is the Remedy for Job problem?

10) What is the solution to court-related problems?

11) What to do If anyone is having problems getting their Daughter married?
  Sureshanandji said  " By offering water + Jaggery,  pray to the Sun-God (Surya Narayan) for a good bride-groom for yout daughter". Please refer to the below link

12) What should I do if I have Service\ Business Related problems?

 Many people have observed that reading the 15th chapter of Gita, before taking food, solves the problems one is facing in his service/business.

Offering the fluid prepared by mixing water, milk and jaggery to a sacred fig (Peepal tree) every Saturday, helps solving the service related problems.

What are the tips for Good Memory?
  • By  sticking the tongue up to the palate inside the mouth and studying will help you in remembering the things/lessons very well.
  • Daily consumption of 5-7 Tulsi leaves brings about a remarkable development in memory power( Note : One should not  consume Tulsi on Sunday and should not pluck Tulsi leaves  on Purnima, Amavasya and the twelfth lunar day and Sundays. )

  •  Doing Bhramari pranayam Sit Erect in padmaasana and take a deep breath, close both ears with index fingers. Hold the breath for sometime while exhaling 'OM' in the legato tone just like the humming of the bee. This develops memory power.

  •  Take Ashram Chyawanprash +Tulsi Ark + some water 30 mins. before breakfast.

14) Can I know some tips for husband-long file for a married women?

  • For husband long life, during Sunrise-sunset times married women should cover their head.
  • Married women should not do more fasting.

Please Refer: :http://successful-life-tips.blogspot.com/2008/02/2.html

What should be done for  Black Magic ( Tantrik Vidya) problems?

1. Read Guru-Gita
2. Circumbulate Vad-dada tree and take soil of the
Vad-dada tree and apply tilak to your forehead.
3. Take some water and chant 'Tum Tum' Mantra and make the person who is having the problem drink that water.

Please refer to :


16) What instructions did Bapuji give while waking up children in the morning?

    Bapuji said " Do not use alarms or any harsh words while waking up children in the morning. Since first impression is the last impression, By slandering or scolding a child to wake him up will have negative effect on him whole day. Instead wake-up your children from sleep by singing sweetly like this:

 " "jago mohan pyare�.. jago prabhu ke dulare!"
"�.pyari�. lali.. dulari jago..pyari.."

17) What has to be followed if a person is not successful at work?
   If a person is not successful in his work,  It is advised by Bapuji  to bring some soil from cow's hoof  from a cow-shed nearby by the.  Apply this soil as tilak to his husband before leaving to work. He will become successful in work because Cow's Aura is extremely good.

18) What should be done if I have many difficulties at house?

          If a sadhak is facing difficulites in home, do Guru-Gita paath and Anusthan. Anusthan should be done as mentioned in the book below:
        Mantra-jaap mahima Book -
1 - 2

19) What should be done if I am getting  bad dreams in night?

      If you had bad dream in the night, the next morning take bath , go to Lord Shiva temple and do abhishekam with honey and water.It will neutralizes the ill-effects of the dream.  
20) What  tip  has to be followed to remove poverty?

Sureshanandji said " By offering milk, water etc and circumbulating  Peepal tree on Saturdays will  help in removing the poverty"

Please refer to this link : http://successful-life-tips.blogspot.com/2008/06/blog-post_30.html
Refer : http://successful-life-tips.blogspot.com/2008/03/for-good-memory.html

21) What should be done if someone in family is very sick from many days and in last stages of leaving the body?
  • Pray to the Lord while circumambulating the wada dada in the nearby ashram. Chant Maha Mritunjaya Mantra for the benefit of the sick.
  • Read the 8th chapter of Gita to a person at the death's door. A mere reading of this chapter benefits the beleaguered soul, irrespective of whether he is able to listen to or understand it.

1) What procedure has to be followed on Sharad Poonam Night?
  •  From Dusshera to Sharad Poonam night by doing tratak (Fixed gazing) at Moon increases eye-sight.

  •  Make kheer of Rice, Milk, Mishri, Put some gold or silver for sometime while making Kheer then place it in Moonlight for atleast 2 hours. Don't cook any other food for that day, only eat Kheer. We should not take heavy diet in late night, hence eat Kheer accordingly.  The Kheer nourished in the radiant moonlight on Sharad Poonam night can also be taken in next day break-fast after making it as Prasad by offering it to Pujya Gurudev.

  •  For Eyes to function properly whole year, try to put thread in a needle in Sharad Poonam Moonlight. (No other light should be nearby).

  • Sharad Poonam Night is very beneficial for spiritual upliftment, hence one should do Jaagran on this night, i.e. as possible don't sleep and do Japa Dhyan Kirtan on this holy night.

References :

Can you tell me about Chatur-Maas and What needs to be done?
         Chatur-Masa comes from Devshyani ekadshi to Devuthi ekadashi of every year.Chatur-Maas should be observed by all sections of the population. It does not matter whether one is a grihastha or a sannyasi. The observance is obligatory for all asramas. The real purpose behind the vow taken during these four months is to minimize the quantity of sense gratification. This is not very difficult. In the month of Shraavan one should not eat  green leafy vegetables including spinach, in the month of Bhadra one should not eat yogurt, and in the month of Ashvin one should not drink milk. One should not eat high protein food during the month of Kaartik Masur daal and Urad daal contain a great amount of protein, and food extra rich in protein tends increased energy towards sense gratification. On the whole, during the four-month period of Chatur-Maas one should :
Avoid wearing Blue and Black clothes, Sleeping on earth is fruitful., Having food in pattal is good, Putting anwala in bathwater is fruitful., Avoid consuming Coconut, Lemon, Honey, Aanar, Urad and Gud., Follow Bhramcharya., Avoid having sweetdish after food., Preferabely do more Bhakti and Shadna.
Please Refer:: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HariomGroup/message/8039

3) What procedure has to be followed during Navratri days?

      Pujya Bapuji said, one should do Navratri upvas for all the 9 days, if one cannot - one should do it for last 6 days, or then also someone can't , one should do upvaas for atleast last 3 days of Navratri, i.e. 7th,8th and 9th day of Navratri. Pujya Bapuji himself shall keep upvaas on these days.

4) What Puja procedure has to be followed on Diwali night?

    Pujya Bapuji has said that we should light a Deepak under Asoka tree, Tulsi at the time of Sandhya of Diwali.


What is the Puja procedure that pleases Lord Vishnu during Margshirsha Month?

Lord Vishnu says to Brahmaji. "I fulfill the wish of one who offers me incense made from Guggal mixed with buffalo ghee and sugar."


It is highly beneficial to follow this procedure during Margshirsha Month.

 Refer:: http://successful-life-tips.blogspot.com

6) What is the significance of Bhishm Tarpan divas?

   On this day, offering water to Bhishma and praying for progeny will help in begetting very bright children.

7) Where can I read Ekadashi Stories and the procedure I need to follow on Ekadashi?
     Please refer to this link: Ekadashi

What to do when someone you know leaves their body? 

       One should do following things which will help the one who has left their body:
  • Read Shrimad Bhagwat the mahtamaya and shloks of  seventh adhyay /7th chapter and also read mahtmaya of 3rd Adhaya and shloks of 3rd Adhyay and donate the boon/ phal/punya collected by it to the soul which is on his voyage now, just by doing sankalpa it will happen. 

  •   Do paath of Ashram Pubhlished book "Mangalmay jeevan-mrityu" for the benefit of the departed soul.  

  •  Read the procedure of Shraddha and Pinda Dan in Ashram pubhished book "Shraddha Mahima ". Read the story of Kasturchand Garodia in the book.

  •  One must perform the Shraddha on the tithi when the person has passed away. For eg  if  the person passed away on ashtmi then during the holy month he must offer Shraddha on ashtmi.
  •  Every night, keep a cup of water and a cup of milk on the terrace, Offer the water and milk to sacred fig (Peepal tree) next day morning doing this for 13 days helps the departed soul rest in peace and the contented soul blesses the family 

  • Light a lamp at the time, when the person died, the married ladies, whose husbands are alive, should sprinkle water over the lamp in such a way that the light goes off. Doing this for 13 days helps the departed soul rest in peace and the contented soul blesses the family.    

Please refer the following links :

9) What is the significance of Vrat on each day of a week?

  •  If you think you are furious or a violent person, doing Vrat on Mondays is helpful
  •  For mental peace doing Vrat on Tuesdays  is helpful.
  • To develop  intellectual knowledge doing Vrat on Wednesdays is helpful
  • To reduce the Vices of the intellect  doing Vrat on Thursdays is helpful.
  • To develop Ojas (Seminal Energy ) doing Vrat on Friday is helpful.
  • To protect from material and wordly calamites Vrat on Saturday is helpful.
  • For good health , praying Sun-God and doing Vrat on Sundays is helpful. If you cannot do vrat,  just by doing dhyan on sunday is helpful for providing good health.
 10) What procedure has to be followed on Lunar Eclipse?

  • One who drinks water early in the morning everyday after doing jap of the eight lettered mantra. "Aum namo N�r�yan�ya", 25 times, gets delivered from all sins, attains enlightenment and becomes free from all diseases.
  • A deserving sadhaka should do eight thousand jap of the above mantra touching 'Brahmi Ghrita' while observing a fast during a lunar or solar eclipse. The Brahmighrita is to be consumed after the eclipse is over. This bestows the aspirant with enhanced power of concentration, ability to compose poems and 'vaak siddhi'.

      Rules to be observed during an eclipse

  • A person who consumes food during eclipse goes to 'Aruntud Naraka' and is doomed to remain there for as many years as the number of food grains he has consumed during the eclipse. He suffers from stomach ailments in his next birth and is afflicted with a tumour in the body, loses one of his eyes and then all his teeth as well. (Devi Bhagwata : 9:35. 11-13)
  • One who consumes food earned by others during a lunar or solar eclipse loses all the virtues accumulated over a period of twelve years. (Skanda Purana, Prabhasa Khanda: 207. 11-13)
  • One who digs the ground during an earthquake or an eclipse earns sins that entitle him to crippled body in his next birth. (Devi Bhagwata: 9.10.28)

How to celebrate birthday in Indian Tradition and What is the Birthday Song Bapuji asks us to sing?
  • Color some rice with five different colors .Make the propitious sign of the Swastika with them on the floor

  •  Light as many small lamps as the number of the years completed by you and to welcome the dawn of the New Year in your life. Get a large lamp lit by an elderly, venerable member of the family in the center of the Swastika.

  •  Thereafter Perform Arti and prayer: "Tamasa ma jyotirgamaya" � "O Almighty GOD, lead us from darkness to light". Sing the below birthday song:

 Donate to poor and needy people. Do meritorious deeds.
Birthday song:

Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Prithvi sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Jal sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Vaayu sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Tez sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Aakash sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Sakha sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Bandhu sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Mata sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Pita sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Guru Sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Sarva sukhdaayi ho, Janmdivas ki badhai ho,
Janmdivas ki Badhai ho! Badhai ho, Badhai ho

Please Click veiw the picture

) How to Celebrate Feb 14th -Matru-Pitru Divas?
   Please Click here to learn how to celebrate Feb 14th according to Pujya Bapuji.

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1) Where do I find the mantras for Household things?

  • Please Click here to find the mantras for all household things

2) What should I do if I am suffering from an incurable disease?
  • Wake up early in the morning, Do constant Jap of this below mantra. It will help cure all your diseases and deliver you from all sins and afflictions.


"Aum kraum hrim aam vaivasvataya dharmarajaya bhaktanugrahakrite namah"

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3) What should I do for a safe journey if I travel a lot in planes?
  • Do "Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya...!" one mala before starting the journey. Put mala around your neck.

4) What Mantra should I chant if I have a marriage-Related problems?
  • If you have marriage related problem, if possible go to ashram and circumbulate around Vad-dada tree. Mix the soil of Vad-dada tree with the kumkum, While facing north, apply this tilak chanting the below mantra. Within few days, Un-Married will get married and all disturbances in house will be calmed down.


       Please refer to these links below :

 5) What is the mantra for attaining a good Husband?

Jay Jay Girivar raj kishori |

       Jay mahesh mukhchand chakori ||

Please Refer:: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HariomGroup/message/9343

6) What  Mantra has to be chanted when plucking tulsi leaves?

'Om Suprabhaaye Namah' 'Om Subhadraaye Namah'

One should not pluck tulsi leaves after 12 pm in the afternoon and also before the Sunrise.


7) What Mantra has to be chanted for
soldiers and for protection from risks and threats?
Daily 1 Mala of this mantra has to be done for soldiers and for protection from risks and threats
|| Om Ugram Viram Mahavishnum Jwalantam Sarvatomukham Nrusinh Bhishanam
                 Bhadram Mrityu Mrityum Namamyaham ||

What is the Mantra to get relief from litigation & legal proceedings?
|| Pavan Tanay Bal Pavan Samana
             Buddhi Vivek Vigyan Nidhana ||
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 9) What is the Mantra for removing Mangal/Manglik Dosha?

         Chant 'am raam am'  for 108 times

10)  What is life-protection Mantra ?
Please Click here to know the life protection Mantra and details of it.

11) What is the Health Mantra that has to be chanted on Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan Days?
Daihik daivik bhautik taapa |
Raam raaj nahi kaahuhi vyaapaa ||

What is the Mantra to become Disease-Free?

Do One Mala of  "Om Hum Vishnuvey namah"  to become disease free.

What Mantra has to be chanted for Pitru-Dosh?
      "Om Hreem"

14) What Mantra has to be chanted to please Hanumanji?

 Om Hum Pavan Nandanaaya Swaha

15) What Mantra has to be recited to get rid of Bad Omens?

If you are going on a journey and you see a cat passing from your vehicle or similar kinds of bad omens, don't get afraid , Read Maha Mrithyumjaya mantra.

" Om Haum joom saha om bhoorbhuvaha svaha om trayambakam
yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhnam urvvarukamiva bandhanaanmrityormuksheeyac
maamrataat om svaha bhuvaha bhooh om saha joom haum Om "
16) What are Beej Mantras and What are it's significances?

Beej Mantras are very helpful in protecting health.

Refer : mantra (Beej Mantras section)

Mantra Benefits
कं Destroys fear of death,  cures dermatological(Skin) problems and purifies blood.
ह्रीं Cures diabetes, and helps in heart beat related problems.
घं To avoid Wet-Dreams
भं  To reduce fever.
क्लीं Mental retardation problems
सं    Destroys Piles disease
वं   To prevent thirst and hunger
लं To remove tiredness and  fatigue.
This Beej Mantra represents chandradeva, the presiding deity of the Moon. The japa of this mantra is just enough to do away with the sudden impediment inflicting your life.Write 'tam'(टं) on a piece of 'Bhojpatra and insert it into an amulet. Then put this amulet on your right hand. This will remove all sorts of obstacles out of your way.

17) What is the Mantra to attain Wealth?

People practise several methods to acquire Lakshmi (wealth) at the time of Dipawali. Following is a very simple 3-day method for this purpose:

Starting from the day of Diwali till the day of Bhai Dooj (for 3 days), light Dhoop, Deep & Agarbatti in a clean room early in the morning, wear yellow colored clothes, put the Tilak of Kesar (saffron) on the forehead, then do 2 mala of the following mantra on a mala with beeds of Sfatik.

Om namah bhagyalakshmi cha vidmahe|
ashtalakshmi cha dheemahi | tanno lakshmi prachodayaat |

It is more beneficial to do japa by concentrating on the picture of Lakshmi, Guru or Ishtha (Tratak).
Deepawali is the birthday of Lakshmi ji. Lakshmi ji had appeared at the time of the Samudra-Manthan from the Kshir-Sagar.
Therefore Lakshmi ji bestows her blessings to the person who does this sadhna with the desire that Laksmi stays in his/her home, poverty gets removed & one is able to earn daily bread & butter easily.
18. What mantra has to be chanted for accident free journey?

Chant this Mahamrityunjay mantra once before starting your journey

Om haum joom saha | om bhoorbhuvaha svaha |

om trayambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhnam

urvvarukamiva bandhanaanmrityormuksheeya maamrataat

om | svaha bhuvaha bhooh om | saha joom haum om |

19. What  mantras has to be chanted for celibacy?

ap this mantra whenever anti-brahmcharya thoughts comes in mind, Do japa for 21 times before going to sleep to avoid wet dreams
 Om Aryamaayai Namah |

2) Take some milk in a cup. While gazing at the milk, repeat the following mantra twenty-one times and thereafter drink the milk.

This is an excellent aid to Brahmacharya. This Mantra is worth remembering by heart.

Om Namo Bhagvate Mahabale Parakramaya Manobhilasitam Manah Stambha Kuru Kuru Svaha
20. What is the Seva- Mantra Bapuji said to chant to cure a diseased person ?

Please refer to this link http://successful-life-tips.blogspot.com/2008/02/blog-post_9095.html

21) What is Mala Mantra?

Mala Mantra has to be chanted before doing mala-Jap:

Mantra is :
Om Aim Shree Aksh Maalaay Namah


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