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Hari Om !!

On the eve of 2nd Anniversary of

|| www.hariomgroup.org ||

We thank our all our 4,75,000 unique visitors for participating in this humble effort of spreading Pujya Sant Shri Ashraramji Bapu's knowledge

---HariOmGroup.Org Team

Introducing HariOmGroup

Hariomgroup.org is a group of devotees of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu, to spread His knowledge across the globe, it serves as a online platform for sadhaks to do guruseva by providing common platform of communication.


  • Discuss sadhana / health related queries with other sadhaks in email group
  • Do Guru Seva Online
  • Get Latest Satsang in all formats (Text / Audio /  Video)
  • Health / Sadhana Tips from Pujya Bapuji’s & Sureshanandji’s Satsang
  • Audio / Videos/Wallpaper / Ringtones / Screensavers download
  • Online Ashram Books (HTML / PDF)

Let’s all try and make this common platform into a true reflection of our Guru’s ideals and teachings and try and derive maximum benefit from it.

This could perhaps be, in its own small way, our expression of thankfulness and giving back to the One who has only given and done so much for all of us individually and collectively.



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