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The aims of Bal sanskar kendra:

1) Personal Development: To build a brilliant & intelligent foundation of students by awakening their dormant strength and helping in their all round physical-mental-intellectual development with the help of Yogasana, Pranayam, meditation & the wonderful psychological techniques discovered by saints & great personalities.

2)Society Development: To prepare the students for serving their society, country & the world by generating bravery-enthusiasm in them, by making them realise the importance of their parents/relatives & by making them understand their responsibilities. To build a happier society by saving the students from blindly imitating the west & helping them develop self-control, moral character, good behaviour & be free of addictions.

3)Country-Development: To make their mental & spiritual determination strong so that they realise the importance of Indian Culture & make India a Vishwa-Guru (Master of the World) again. To protect the invaluable youth and make them alert-minded, persevering, responsible, patriotic & savior of Indian culture.
Bapuji firmly believes that the future of a society depends upon the younger generation. That is why, 'Vidhyarthi Shibirs' (Student Intensive Camps) are held to inculcate moral, ethical & spiritual values in the youth.
Children are also taught Yog-Asanas, Pranayamas & discourses are given regarding various topics such as health, hygiene, Vedic culture etc.

Bapuji bestows upon the students 'Saraswatya Mantra', a special 'mantra' to enhance their mental efficiency, productivity, creativity & intellect.

BalSanskar Centres in your near by area

Vidyarthi Shivirs

Under the Divine Inspiration from Pujya Bapuji, Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram in Ahmedabad has launched formal teaching of invaluable treasures from our ancient philosophy through a new series of Yoga & Meditation Intensive camps called “Vidhyarthi Ujjawal Bhavishya Nirman Shibirs” (Bright Future building camps for students). These camps teach practical Yoga for healthy body & mind, Meditation & Prayers for peace & concentration besides increasing intellect & wisdom while having fun & games. Unique Yogasans & Yogic techniques to Increase height, IQ, Wisdom, Intelligence & leadership qualities are taught. Special Pranayams (breathing exercises) are taught that result in longevity & healthier life. The teachers of these camps have acquired first hand knowledge by attending intensive camps organized under the direct guidance of Bapuji & senior disciples.

This is a Golden opportunity for the children to gain rich Spiritual & Cultural knowledge in these days while they enjoy the camp activities under the supervision of sadhaks & Volunteers of the Ashram.

Look up at the venue & dates calendar below for the location nearest you:


Balsanskar Kendra Pathyakram

BSK- Ek Mahatvapurna Kadam

Balsanskar kaise chalayen?

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