Spiritual aspect of Diwali

Spiritual aspect of Diwali


The lamplight is hot, it may burn your things; but when a Satguru kindles the light of Knowledge in your heart; it burns not things but sins; and illumines your life, brings peace and happiness.

The worldly celebrations of Diwali give us worldly pleasure. Fortunate are the ones who through the medium of worldly Diwali, prepare themselves for the celebration of spiritual Diwali.[ Following is the extract of Pujya Asharam Ji Bapu’s Satsang. ]

Four things are done on the occasion of Diwali – the homes are cleaned; new things are purchased; lamps are lighted, and sweets are taken and given.

Just as houses are cleaned; similarly have a clear and firm resolve to attain Self-Bliss, Self-Knowledge and sweetness & joy of Self-Repose in this life only.

Second thing is buying new things. As we buy silver, clothes or utensils on Diwali, likewise we should take a divine and pious vow of mantra-jap, meditation and scripture-reading that directly helps in Self-Realization. Mahatma Gandhi had taken vows in his life – to observe complete silence one day every week, to practice Brahmacharya, to speak only truth, to say a prayer every day. You too should take some such pious vows so that you can march firmly towards your goal, and develop your divine- element.

Third thing is lighting lamps. In addition to material lamps, light the lamp of spiritual knowledge. The Pure Consciousness is called Atman when it is limited to the heart but it is all-pervading, the Supreme Self. The Self is not different from the Supreme Self as the space contained in a pot is not different from all pervading space. God is not far; He is not away; He is not difficult to attain; He is not others’; He is the real Self of all beings.

              ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय | ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vaasudevaay.’

                       ‘We worship Lord Vaasudeva (the omnipresent one)’.

Wake up into your true nature, your True Self, the Vaasudeva, the Knowledge Absolute. Don’t spend money for unnecessary things, don’t be garrulous, don’t sleep more than required; don’t sleep less than required.  युक्ताहारविहारस्य… Be always moderate in eating and recreation. Light the lamp of Knowledge.

Fourth thing is eating sweets and giving them to others. Be cheerful. Early in the morning, take a deep breath; hold it for 75 seconds and contemplate, ‘I belong to God, the Bliss Absolute, and God is mine.’ With these thoughts in mind, puff out negative thoughts of sadness and disquiet with forceful exhalation. Do it ten times. You will always be sweet and joyous. You will enjoy sweets of meditation on the inner Self-God and the Vedic outlook. Those coming in contact with you too will become joyful because they will get the joy of devotional love.

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