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Supremely Philanthropic Message of Pujya Bapuji for 14th February

India is the sacred land of holy rishis, munis and divine incarnations. In ancient times, people would greet each other by saying , “Rama-Rama!”.

How great the idea hidden behind this custom is! They uttered the Lord’s name twice to signify that the same consciousness of the Supreme Lord abides equally in both people greeting each other, and that they offer their salutations to that. Such divine spirit alone represents pure ‘love’. A pure, guileless, selfless sense of affection, free from desire is called love. This custom helped people to remember the lord even while meeting each other.

Today, such pious feelings of pure and selfless love have given way to the degenerative passion and lust, which has now come to be accepted as love. 14th February is celebrated as ‘Valentine’s Day’. Young boys and girls in the west exchange greetings cards, chocolates and roses with each on this day.

Revelries like ‘Valentine’s Day’ that encourage people to live an immoral life are the prime factor behind widespread rejection of traditional sexual codes in many countries. This has caused the degradation of such nations. Even after spending crores of dollars on ‘abstinence only’ campaigns in schools, government of these nations have failed to solve the consequent problems.

Now this evil custom has infiltrated into our country as well. Therefore, now it is our duty to preserve our traditional moral values by boycotting the celebration the celebration of ‘Valentine’s Day.’

While naming this day (Valentine’s Day) as the ‘Youth’s Disaster Day’ and awakening the people to its terrible consequences, His Divine Holiness Pujya Bapuji has this to say: “King Claudius of Rome must have been very well aware of the power of celibacy; that is why he had forbidden his military forces from getting married, so that they remained physically and mentally fit enough to win wars. Prohibition of marriage was forcibly imposed on the armed forces, and hence St. Valentine, who himself being a Christian priest could not have been an opposer of celibacy, had got them married secretly. Later, he was found guilty and the king had him hanged to death. Then in the year 496 AD, Pope Galessius began to celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’ in the memory of that saint.

“Those who celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’ in the present manner, do in fact insult the saint himself; for they try to start a love-affair before their actual marriage by sending Valentine cards to one another. Had St. Valentine supported this system, he would not have solemnized the marriages in the first place.

“Do celebrate the day of love (Valentine’s Day), but with self-restraint and for true development. If young boys and girls meet, it will only lead them to ruin.

“What a sharp contrast is there between this western celebration of Valentine’s day, which promotes nothing but passion, lust and promiscuity and our own glorious culture wherein there are holy festivals like ‘Raksha Bandahana’ and ‘Bhai Dooj’ spreading such pious feelings as ‘परस्परं भावयन्तु… ‘May there be mutual goodwill among us’. – ‘let us work for the all-round prosperity of one another’ and तन्मे मनः शिवसंकल्पमस्तु… ‘May my mind be always blessed with auspicious thoughts’.

“In the future, they will breed irritability, emptiness, depression, frustration, premature old age and death. Indians; therefore, should guard against blindly aping such things. You are sons and daughters of Mother India. Celebrate ‘Love Day,’ wherein children pay respect to parents and parents shower affection on their children. Will you do it my darlings? The west is on ruinous path. People there are falling prey to sexually transmitted diseases and depression celebrating the likes of ‘Valentine’s day’. Why should you imitate them?

“My dear young people and their parents! You are born on the pious land of India. You are the descendants of farsighted rishis. Shun ‘Valentine’s day’ which, in the name of love, debilitates the youth. O parents and their children! Love each other beholding the Lord in the other one and let your hearts be filled with Divine Joy. Not the false joy of sex, but the Joy of God, the Love of God and Bliss of God.

मातृदेवो भव | पितृदेवो भव | बालिका देवो भव | कन्या देवो भव | पुत्र देवो भव ||

( Matrdevo bhav ! pitrdevo bhav ! balikadevo bhav ! kanyadevo bhav ! putrdevo bhav! )

‘May the mother be thy God. May the father be thy God. May the little girl be thy God. May the daughter be thy God. May the son be thy God’.

‘Valentine’s day’, the day of love, should in fact be the day of loving the Lord abiding in every heart.

May all good come to the people of India and of the world! My brothers and sisters in India! Your conduct should be exemplary. It should help bring peace and happiness to my brothers and sisters of the whole world. Why should you ape the west? Rather they should get blessed following your footsteps.”

All patriotic citizens must make their respective contributions (in whatever form possible) towards the building of a strong future nation by engaging themselves in this act of national welfare.

पापों, रोगों, संतापों का नाश और उत्तम गति प्रदान करनेवाला व्रत

(माघ मास व्रत : १३ जनवरी से १० फरवरी तक )
पूरा माघ मास ही ‘पर्व मास’ माना जाता है | इस मास का ऐसा प्रभाव हे की धरती पर कहीं का भी साफ़ जल गंगाजल की नाई पवित्र, हितकारी माना जाता है | पद्म पुराण (उत्तर खण्ड: २२१.८०) में लिखा है कि –

कृते तप: परं ज्ञानं त्रेतायां यजनं तथा |
द्वापरे च कलौ दानं माघ: सर्वयुगेषु च ||

‘सत्ययुग में तपस्या को, त्रेता में ज्ञान को, द्वापर में भगवान के पूजन को और कलियुग में दान को उत्तम माना गया है परन्तु माघ का स्नान सभी युगों में श्रेष्ठ समझा गया है |’

भगवान राम के पूर्वज राजा दिलीप ने वसिष्ठजी के चरणों में प्रार्थना की: “ प्रभु ! उत्तम व्रत, उत्तम जीवन और उत्तम सुख, भगवत्सुख का मार्ग बताने की कृपा करें |”

वसिष्ठजी बोले : “ राजन ! माघ मास में सूर्योदय से पहले जो स्नान करते हैं वे अपने पापों, रोगों और संतापों को मिटानेवाली पुण्याई प्राप्त कर लेते हैं | यज्ञ – याग, दान करके लोग जिस स्वर्ग को पाते हैं, वह माघ मास का स्नान करनेवाले को ऐसे ही प्राप्त हो जाता हैं |”

अत: संकल्प करो कि ‘मैं पुरे माघ मास में भगवद – चिंतन करके प्रात:स्नान करूँगा |’ चाहे रात को देर-सवेर सोयें, संकल्प करें कि ‘मुझे सूर्योदय से पहले इतने बजे स्नान करना ही है’ तो सुबह आँख खुल ही जायेगी | नियम – निष्ठा रक्षा करती है | थोड़ी ठंड लगेगी लेकिन शरीर में ठंड झेलने की ताकत आयेगी तो शरीर गर्मी भी पचा लेगा | आदमी प्रतिकूलता से जितना भागता है, उतना कमजोर संकल्पवाला हो जाता है और प्रतिकूलता को दृढ़ता से जितना झेलता है, उतना वह दृढ़संकल्पी हो जाता है |

सूर्योदय के समय सूरज दिख रहा हो चाहे बाद में दिखे, तुम तो पूर्व की तरफ जल – राशि अर्पण करके उस गीली मिट्टी का तिलक कर लो और लोटे में जो थोडा पानी बचा हो उसको देखते हुए ॐकार का जप करके थोडा-सा जल पी लो | आपको भगवच्चरणामृत, ताजे भगवत्प्रसाद का एहसास होगा |

माघ – स्नान से स्वर्ग की प्राप्ति
‘पद्म पुराण’ में कथा आती है कि सुव्रत नामक एक ब्राह्मण था | उसने नियम – अनियम की परवाह किये बिना जीवनभर धन कमाया | बुढापा आया, अब देखा कि ‘परलोक में तो यह धन साथ नहीं देगा |’ और तभी दैवयोग से एक रात उसका धन चोर चुरा ले गये | तो धन – चोरी के दुःख से दु:खी हुआ और ‘बुढापे में अब मैं क्या करूँ ?…’ ऐसा शोक कर रहा था, इतने में उसे आधा श्लोक याद आ गया कि ‘माघ मास में ठंडे पानी से स्नान करने से व्यक्ति की सद्गति होती है और उसे स्वर्ग की प्राप्ति होती है |’ तो उसने माघ-स्नान शुरू किया | ९ दिन स्नान किया, १० वे दिन तो ठिठुरन से शरीर कृश हो गया और मर गया | उसने दुसरा कोई पुण्य नहीं किया था लेकिन माघ – स्नान के पुण्य – प्रभाव से वह स्वर्ग को गया |

माघ मास में विशेष करणीय
इस मास में पुण्यस्नान, दान, तप, होम और उपवास भयंकर पापों का नाश कर देते हैं और जीव को उत्तम गति प्रदान करते हैं | जिस वस्तु में आसक्ति है, उस वास्तु को बलपूर्वक त्याग दें तो अधर्म की जड़ें कटती हैं | जो माघ मास में इन छ: प्रकार से तिलों का उपयोग करता है, वह इहलोक और परलोक में वांछित फल पाता है :
तिल का उबटन, तिलमिश्रित जल से स्नान, तिल से तर्पण या अर्घ्य, तिल का होम, तिल का दान और तिलयुक्त भोजन |

माघ मास में जप तो जरुर करना चाहिए | इस मास में एक समय भोजन करने से व्यक्ति दूसरे जन्म में धनवान कुल में जन्म लेगा | दूसरी बात, माघ मास में धीरे – धीरे गर्मी बढ़ती है तो एक समय भोजन करनेवाला स्वस्थ रहेगा और उसका सत्त्वगुण बढ़ेगा | ज्यादा खायेगा तो आलस्य और तमोगुण बढ़ेगा | तो यह स्वास्थ्य के साथ – साथ पुण्यलाभ की व्यवस्था है अपने व्रत – पर्वो में |

पूरे माघ मास का फल
पूरा मास जल्दी स्नान कर सकें तो ठीक है नहीं तो एक सप्ताह तो अवश्य करें | त्रयोदशी से माघी पूर्णिमा तक अंतिम ३ दिन प्रात: स्नान करने से भी महीनेभर के स्नान का प्रभाव, पुण्य प्राप्त होता है |

जो वृद्ध या बीमार हैं, जिन्हें सर्दी – जुकाम आदि है वे सूर्यंनाड़ी अर्थात दायें नथुने से श्वास चलाकर स्नान करें तो सर्दी – जुकाम से रक्षा हो जायेगी |

ऐसा तीर्थस्नान तो सभी कर सकते हैं
इस मास में तीर्थस्नान की महिमा है | बाहर के तीर्थ में स्नान न कर सको तो ह्रदय से ही मानसिक तीर्थों में जाकर स्नान कर लिया – ‘सत्य तीर्थ, क्षमा तीर्थ, मौन तीर्थ, ब्रह्मचर्य तीर्थ, अद्रोह (द्वेषरहितता) तीर्थ, इन्द्रियनिग्रह तीर्थ, ज्ञान तीर्थ, आत्मतीर्थ, ध्यान तीर्थ, सर्वभूतदया तीर्थ, आर्जव (सरलता) तीर्थ, दान तीर्थ, दम (मनोनिग्रह) तीर्थ, संतोष तीर्थ, नियम तीर्थ, मंत्रजप तीर्थ, प्रियभाषण तीर्थ, धैर्य तीर्थ, अहिंसा तीर्थ और शिव (कल्याणस्वरूप परमात्मा) स्मरण तीर्थ …. इन आध्यात्मिक तीर्थों में हम जा रहे हैं और फिर हम परमात्मा के नाम का जप करते हैं | मन की शुद्धि सब तीर्थों से उत्तम तीर्थ है |’ यह स्नान माघ मास में बहुत लाभ देगा |

यदि कोई निष्काम भाव से केवल भगवत्पसन्नता, भगवत्प्राप्ति के लिए माघ – स्नान करता है तो उसको भगवत्प्राप्ति भी बहुत – बहुत आसानी से होती है |

स्त्रोत – ऋषिप्रसाद – जनवरी २०१६, निरंतर अंक : २७७ से

During the Days of Uttarayana………

On the day of Makar Sankranti the chariot of the sun god enters the Maharrishi (one of zodiacs). The process of entering a new sing of zodiacs occurs every month, but since the Sun enters the makarrashi in this month thus a distinguishing meritorious period is generated. During this span the sattvauna (quality of goodness) is specially enhanced and the elements increasing the resistance towards diseases are acquired. This whole month is considered a festival month. (The vow of bathing in the Ganges December 31st to January 30th .For detailed information read “Rishi Prasad’, January 2009 issue that the waters of all the water reservoirs on earth are considered a spire and beneficial as Gangajal. Now days many medical scientists after studying the glory of the compassion and benedictions of Sun god are bringing forth stunning results by employing it in the medical field.
Dr. Hej Heuki says the rays of the are more beneficial then medicines. The medicines destroy the useful bacteria along with the harmful ones.
Dr. Hej Handrik found out through experiments that the rays of the Sun quickly penetrate into the body and increase the resistance towards diseases and make good the deficiency if any of any make good the deficiency if any particular colour.
The colour doctor put it this way, The deficiency put it way, The deficiency of yellow
colour causes that Ayurveda doctors say that the vata piita and kappa the three contain such -such colour and that all the seven colour are granted by the sun.
A scientist called Gardener Roni incurred wonderful benefits form southerly, he writs The body becomes so stung by sun therapy that it ejects the harmful bacteria and becomes capable of protecting itself on own. Gardener Roni cured many patients by using the Sun therapy.
I give you a nice technique of maintaining an excellent health. Do tribabdha (the three band has Jalandharabndha Uddiyuabandha and Mulbanddha) pranayama in the sunlight five pranayama facing towards the sun and other five Turing your back towards sun. This will bath the whole body in the sunrays or also you can protom surya namaskara (sun salutation) in the presence of sun. The sun rays should certainly be made to fall on the navel. For 5 to 8 minutes one should sit such as to make the rays fall on navel and for 8-10 minutes sit tuning the back towards sun. Everyone should practice sun bath for a robust health and long life.
The son of Lord sir Krishna, Saamb was suffering form various disorders of skin and digestion. Finding that he was not reviewing. Sri Krishna said to him I obtained a good health and various other benefits by worshipping the sun God. I meditated on sun god and performed sunbath after doing pranayama etc. in its ray’s sammb you should also worship the sum.
Lord sir Krishna advice his ill son saamb to do sun bath to offer libation to Him (the sun) and perform surya namaskara and ultimately to meditate on him in the space between both the eyes brow (bhrikuti). Saamb was restored to health by following this.
The scientists are saying now but five thousand years back, the father of all scientists, lord sir Krishna and even before Him our Rishis had already told about the health restoring qualities of the sun. but we don’t worship the sun just for this that we may be rendered health that the rays would provide vitamin D on entering through the skin and cure skin diseases. The sun bath will undoubtedly bring about material benefits but outlook is not restrained on to immortal body by gaining material benefits. The Rishi of India have their eyes set on realizing the self the lord and these additional benefits shall came along without restraint.
Just as on performing surya namaskara, naturally the pranayama are them selves performed. Pranayama open of the lungs and asana actives the stiffened organs. Surya namaskara is essentially perfumed after sun rise so that the bodies gets the benefit of sun rays and also worship of sun rays and also worship of sun during. Sunrise beings purity in the intellect. Only a sattvik (purified) intellect can experience the supreme
Being. Thus worship is especially important on the day of Uttarayana. Apart form this it is also rice to Lord Shiva or to offer libation of water (with till a rive mixed in it).
Til (sesame seed)