What is the purpose of the service?

What is the purpose of the service?

What is the purpose of the service? Your heart is cleansed by the service. Egoism, hatred, jealousy, high feelings of emotions and all sorts of such bad feelings are destroyed and qualities like humility, pure love, empathy, tolerance and compassion develop. Selfishness vanishes from service, duality is weak, life’s approach becomes vast and generous. Unity begins to feel, speed progresses in enlightenment.The feeling of ‘one in all, one in everybody’ starts to feel. That is why unlimited happiness is attained.

What is the society? There is only a group of different individuals or units. The world is nothing but the manifest form of God. The service is worship only. The service and the wisdom of the wise men and women of great goodness is fulfilled.Like the Hanuman ji service and the teachings of Sita and Shriram ji, Brahmmanutti was completed.

Discrimination-sense is fatal, so it should be eradicated. To eradicate it, the need for Spirit-Spirit, the development of unity of Caitanya and selfless service. Differentiation is an illusion created by ignorance or illusion.

Source: Rishi Prasad, September 2018, page number 17 issue 309

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