Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti

Excerpts from Pujya Bapuji’s Satsang

On the day of Makar-sankranti, the chariot of the Sun-god enters the Makar-rashi (one of the zodiacs). The process of entering a new sign of zodiac occurs every month, but since the Sun enters the makar-rashi in this month, thus a distinguishing meritorious period is generated. During this span, the sattvaguna (quality of goodness) is specially enhanced and the elements increasing the resistance towards diseases are acquired.

This whole month is considered a festival month. (The vow of bathing in the Ganges during this Magh month) On the other days, the merit of bathing in the Ganges is obtained only when we actually take a dip in it, but during the Magh month, the effect of Sun-rays is such that the waters of all the water-reservoirs on earth are considered as pure and beneficial as Gangajal. Nowadays, many medical scientists after studying the glory of the compassion and benedictions of Sun-god, are bringing forth stunning results by employing it in the medical field.

Dr. Hej Heuki says, “The rays of the Sun are more beneficial than medicines. The medicines destroy the useful bacteria along with the harmful ones.”

Dr. Hej Handrik found out through experiments that the rays of the Sun quickly penetrate into the body and increase the resistance towards diseases and make good the deficiency if any of any particular color.

The color doctors put it this way, “The deficiency of yellow color causes this disease, and deficiency of violet color causes that…” Ayurvedic doctors say that the vata, pita and kapha (the three humours) contain such-such color and that all the seven colors are granted by the Sun.

A scientist called Gardener Roni incurred wonderful benefits from Sun-therapy. He writes, “The body becomes so strong by Sun therapy that it ejects the harmful bacteria and becomes capable of protecting itself on its own.” Gardener Roni cured many patients by using the Sun-therapy.

I give you a nice technique of maintaining an excellent health. Do tribandha (the three bandhas – Jalandharbandha, Uddiyanbandha and Mulbandha) pranayama in the Sunlight – five pranayamas facing towards the Sun and other five turning your back towards the Sun. This will bathe the whole body in the Sun-rays or also you can perform

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