Brahamleen Brahamnishth Pujyapad Swami Leelashahji Maharaj

Brahamleen Brahamnishth Pujyapad Swami Leelashahji Maharaj

Revered Swami Leelashahji Maharaj was a Self-realized saint established in the Truth-consciousness-Bliss Personified Supreme Self and had guided many sadhakas (aspirants) towards the same . His life is a source of divine inspiration for all living beings on earth . His each and every action was directed towards the welfare of the entire creation. His mere ‘darshan’ would please the minds, the clouds of disappointment would get dispersed , and the dejected souls get charged with zeal, and with the perplexities of the confused ones being solved , a new life would possess them. His complete life was in a way a confluence of the yoga of Karma (action) , jnana (knowledge) , and Bhakti (devotion) . He was an accomplished yogi having tremendous powers. Many Incidences occurred  knowingly or unknowingly in His life suggestive of his yogic powers , like halting the train , moving a neem tree across the ground , giving eyesight to blind , and child to the barren etc.

Once saint Leelaram (former name) was passing through a village . A poor woman was crying over her dead son. She had kept the dead body of her child a little far from her on the road . Seeing a dead child sleeping on road , suddenly the following words came out of His mouth : “Child! Get Up”

Listening to the words of Sant Leelaram , the dead child got up at once and fell at the saint`s feet. The poor mother , on seeing thios miracle , came running and started expressing her heartfelt gratitude holding the saint`s  feet Santsri said to woman ,”Mother! I pray to you not to tell about this incidence to anyone.” But how long could the truth be concealed ?

तप करे पाताल में , प्रगट होय आकाश |

रज्जब तीनों लोक में , छिपे न हरि को लाल  || 

 “Even if one performs austerities in the nether world , it is revealed in the heaven

Says Rajjab , that in all the three worlds , The son of  ‘Hari’ can not remain hidden”

Within a short time , the villagers came to know of the might of this Great Man. Having known this , He at once left the villages and went elsewhere .

Sant Leelaram would sing the following lines of His self- compoised poem to his audience :

 चार दिन की जिंदगानी में , तन से ,

मन से हमेशा के लिए रहता नहीं इस दारे फानी में |

कुछ अच्छा काम कर लो , चार दिन की जिंदगानी में ||

तन से सेवा करो जगत की , मन से प्रभु के हो जाओ |

शुद्ध बुद्धि से तत्वनिष्ट्ठ हो , मुक्त अवस्था को तुम पाओ ||

” Life is short: one does not live in this mortal world forever,

Do some noble tasks in this short spam through your body , serve the world ;

And surrender your mind to God With a pure intellect become established in the truth.

And attain the state of liberation”

 Thus his entire life was benevolent . The feeling only of benevolence and divine love circulated in His each and every vein. The message of His life was , “As long as there is life , keep performing altruistic activities . Know your self  , attain your supreme bliss which is beyond the burdens of sense of doer-ship.”

He carried out several public-welfare works in different regions but never entertained the feeling of being the ‘doer’. He was an epitome of humanity and selflessness. He used to say , “These acts are accomplished by that one Great (divine) power at different places. ‘Leela’ doesn`t do anything”

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