Meriterious and Sinful darshan on Diwali

Meriterious and Sinful darshan on Diwali


Meritorious Darshan

A Virtuous Brahmin, a Place of Pilgrimage, Vaishnavite, Idol of a Deity, Sun-god, Sati, Sanyasi, Ascetic, Brahmachari, Cow, Fire, Guru, Elephant, Lion, White Horse, Parrot, Cuckoo, Khanjrit (khanjan), Swan, Peacock, Magpie, Shankhapakshi, Cow along with its Calf, the Pipal tree, Married Woman with a Son, Pilgrim, Lamp, Gold, Gem, Pearl, Diamond, Ruby, Tulsi, White flower, Fruits, White Grains, Ghee, Curd, Honey, Pot filled with Water, Parched Rice, Mirror, Water, Garland of White flowers, Gorochana, Camphor, Silver, Lake, Flower-garden, Moon in the bright fortnight, Sandalwood, Musk, Kumkum, Flag, Akshayvata (the two famous Banyan Trees of Gaya and prayag), Devavriksha (a pine tree), Temple, a Holy River or Pond, Devotee, Devavat (a holy tree charged with divinity), Conch, Kettle Drum, Oyster, Coral, Crystal, Roots of Kusha grass, Soil of the Ganges, Copper, Scriptures, a genuine Vishnuyantra, along with the Beej-mantra, Jewel, One who does Tapasya, the Sea, Black Deer, Yajna, any Great Festival, Dust of the Cow?s Feet, Cow?s Urine, a Cow Shed, Cow?s Hoof, a Crop-field ready for harvest, a beautiful Lily Flower, a Beautiful Attire, a Virtuous Woman adorned with Divine Ornaments and Clothes, Kshemkari, Gandh, durva, rice, whole rice (Akshat), Cooked grains, Pious grains; the darshan of all these provides great virtues.

Sinful Darshan

The Killer of a Cow or Brahmin, an Ungrateful Person, Cheater, Iconoclast, One who kills his parents, Sinner, Traitor, One who bears false witness, one who cheats one’s Guests, a Village Priest- one who steals the Wealth meant for the Gods and Brahmins, one who cuts the Pipal tree, the Wicked, Slanderer of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, one Who has not been initiated, an Ill-behaved Person, a Brahmin who doesn?t observe Sandhya, a Brahmin who lives on the Offerings made to the Gods and Ploughs using Oxen; the darshan of all these result in the accumulation of sins. A widow without a Son, a Characterless Woman, a Woman who slanders the Gods and Brahmins, an Infidel Woman, a Woman devoid of devotion to Lord Vishnu, an Adulteress; the Darshan of these is also a sin. One also earns sins on having the darshan of the following: One who is always angry, an Illegitimate Child, Thief, Liar, One who tortures a Refugee, Steals Meat, a Brahmin who has an Illicit Relationship with a low caste woman, a Low Caste Man who has sexual relationship with a Brahmin Woman, a Brahmin who invests Money to earn interest and a mean wretched Person who has sex with a Woman unable to conceive.

(Brahmavaivarta Purana, Sri Krishnajanma Khanda, Chapter:76 & 78)

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