Self-Realization -in a Moment

Self-Realization -in a Moment


(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

(In the Ashram on the serene banks of the holy Sabarmati river, the ‘Sri Yoga Vashishtha Maharamayana’ was being read out.)

Vashishthaji said, ‘O Rama, The illusion of this visible world cannot be nullified without contemplating on enlightening precepts. O Rama! Act in accordance with the guidelines of satsang and virtuous scriptures; keep away from rituals performed with a desire of future rewards, including those prescribed by the Vedas; remain unaffected by the three Gunas (attributes) associated with them, and I shall remove the grime of illusion from your vision at once.’

In a spontaneous reaction to these words, Pujyashree said, ‘Wow! How spirited! How dynamic is the Guru of Lord Rama!! Kudos to Bhagwan Vashishthaji! Victory to the Guru of the Lord!’

A person may say, ‘Our Guru is God-personified. Maharaj! We call you Bhagwan, God.’

What is so great about this’ Even God Himself must take the refuge of a Guru. Lord Sri Rama was a disciple of Vashishthaji Maharaj.

Why proclaim Godhood’ That would only prompt people to demand rains or ask to give life back to the dead. So do not become God, but be established in God. If you consider yourself to be the doer, you will become trapped. It is as simple as that. Simply become established in Him! Then there is only bliss.

Vashishtha Maharaj says, ‘Rise above desires and I will eradicate the illusion of this world in an instant, leading to your enlightenment.’

Once the wiring fittings are ready, it is only a matter of switching on the button and the darkness is dispelled within a second. Does it take too long to switch on the button’ That is all the time it took on that momentous day of Self-realization of Pujyashree.

The illusion of this visible world was dispelled forever. It took Guruji (Pujyapad Sri Lilashahji Maharaj) just a few moments but the consequent impact was so profound that it is there even today. Even death cannot undo such accomplishments.

O Rama! When the existence of this perceivable world comes to an end, the observer also will cease to be; and once they both lose their existence then what remains is Absolute Existence, the Pure Self.

When the existence of this visible world disappears, the observer also disappears along with the notion of non-attachment. Then what remains is the Supreme Being, Parabrahman.

O Rama! Without enlightening satsang the illusion of the perceptible world cannot be eradicated. He is but a fool who seeks to remove the delusion through logical arguments. For it ends up only strengthening the illusion of the world. Whatever you experience is nothing but this creation consisting of space, time, actions and the five elements. Even if one is absorbed in samadhi, detached from this world; sooner or later he will come back to this same world from his samadhi and will once again consider this world to be real.

Arguments will not lead to peace. Meditation alone will not work either, because after the meditation, you will again experience this world and the physical body. Then questions like, ‘What should I do’ Where shall I go” will continue to nurture the sense of doership. So long as the doer remains, bondage will persist.

A mirage can be approached, not by any action or by chasing it, but only by means of the knowledge that it is but a mirage. You may of course ponder on doing something to dispel the mirage. No! What is needed is simply to accept the fact that it is an illusion. Similarly, you only have to realize your own Pure and conscious Nature, the Self. Study scriptures on Self-knowledge, and contemplate thoughts that strengthen these very ideas and hold fast to the Supreme goal; then you will soon succeed in your endeavour.

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