Know the Self

Know the Self


(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

Bliss-personified God is your True origin. You are sustained by That and you will finally merge into That itself. And if you do not take out time to establish yourself in That, then you are but your own greatest enemy.

You have been provided with both time and energy to attain Eternal Self-Bliss. You have been blessed with an intellect to realize the Divine Being. If you waste these divine gifts in the pursuit of worldly comforts and pleasures, then even if you acquire a lot of wealth it will not bring an end to your sorrows. Irrespective of how much a man is wealthy or powerful he can never be fully relieved from miseries.

No doubt it is a sin to kill a horse, donkey, dog or man; but to deny your own divinity is a graver sin. It is tantamount to committing suicide, and such a person is his own greatest enemy. External enemies are simply dwarfed in comparison.

You have been bestowed with a human life, a good intellect; rather than employing them in the right pursuit if you waste them for transient worldly pleasures, then you are bound to repent in the end.

The human life is not meant for sense-enjoyments. It is meant to attain the bliss of samadhi, to attain the majestic state of equanimity. In ancient times people would undertake pilgrimages, experiencing happiness and sorrow, praise and insults and various other difficulties en route with a view to having the realization, The body is born and will die, I am its witness.

“One who has conquered his mind, senses and body, is his own friend while one who fails to conquer his mind, senses and body is his own enemy.” (Srimad Bhagwad Gita: 6.6)

Therefore, one should nurture elevating thoughts of realizing the Supreme Self; for salvation is unattainable without first acquiring Knowledge of the True Self. One should make a firm resolve to attain the Knowledge of the True Self alone in order to repose in the Supreme Being, the Eternal, the Immutable and the One that is always free from sorrow.

O happiness -love -and bliss-personified soul! Why are you toiling for happiness, love and bliss; being kicked, wearied and tormented in the process? Wait stop here and now. Learn the art of experiencing your True Self from an Enlightened Saint so that you can realize, how sweet, how loveable, how blissful and truly great you are!

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